Monday, October 11, 2010


If you love sweets as mush as I do then you simply have to head over to Amadeus. Located in Thornhill, this delightful pastry shop is a local favorite. Just take a look at the photos of the sugary confections, aren't you drooling already???

I wanted to snap some more pictures but the owner wouldn't permit it. Guess he was afraid I was going to replicate their toothsome creations but if only he knew that my baking skills were next to nothing.

I highly recommend buying the Caramel Crunch cake. I swear it tasted like the chocolate Ferrero Rocher with its crunchy hazelnuts and some sort of icing and wafers in between. Mmmmm my mouth is just watering all over again just typing this out. Sorry forgot to take a picture of the cake but here are pictures of other yummy goodies I bought.

Here is tiramisu, chocolate eclair, and some sort of wafer pastry. It was all very decadent and it definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. Also the croissants are baked fresh on a daily basis. It was delicious.

On my next trip I have my eye on the pear torte. It looked absolutely divine. Then again, I want to try it all but have to pace myself. My pants can't stretch as much as it used to so have to take it easy on my consumption of sweets:(


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