Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last night I went to Scaramouche for dinner. Upon entering the restaurant all I could see was a staircase leading downstairs, a seating area and coat check. The first thing that came to my head was how can this restaurant advertise that it has a great view of the city's skyline when the restaurant is located below ground level. Man was I proved wrong. After heading downstairs I saw this huge window with an incredible view of the city lights. I even clearly saw the purple light emanating from the CN Tower. It was breathtaking.

Now onto the food. Thanks to my boyfriend's blackberry I was able to take pictures without it being hidden in the dark. Sadly the flash was blinding but just had to snap some photos for my blog. This place is definitely worth blogging about.

The food was truly exquisite. It was full of flavor and presented beautifully. Not one dish I disliked at all.

Here we received complimentary amuse-bouche. Man was it a tease. After swallowing it in one bite I couldn't wait for the real food to come. I have no clue what it was but it sure was good and made me wanting more.

We ordered 4 appetizers.

Here is the smoked salmon carpaccio with buckwheat pancake and the foie gras terrine with sourdough toast with a drizzle of fig port syrup.

Here is lobster ravioli with double smoked bacon, honey mushrooms, spinach in white wine sauce and Fanny Bay oysters with red wine mignonette and horseradish.

Our main courses were elk with smoked bacon, hazelnut whipped potatoes, crispy shallots in red wine jus and halibut with caramelized fennel byaldi, shaved artichoke heart and lemon pinenut relish.

For desserts we also went all out as well. They were all so heavenly and luscious it was just overwhelming. Never have I ate that many sweets in one sitting especially after a heavy meal.

Here is toffee bread pudding and coconut cream pie.

Here is creme brulee with bourbon madagascar vanilla and raspberry sorbet and chocolate cake with cafe latte ice cream and whipped chocolate ganache.

With its stunning view of the city lights and ambrosial food to pair with it this place is the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner with your significant other or for a celebration where you feel like splurging a bit. After this meal don't think I can eat out for a while. Have to let my wallet heal before I can touch it again.


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Chee said...

Mmm...this place looks yum! i will probably add it to my must try list! hehe love your new rating system! ;)

Karen Ling said...

you have to it definitely is a must try:)

hope others will understand the rating system too

crazycoz said...

Tell me there were more people! You two ate 4 appetizers and desserts?! WHAT THE HELL! Looks good still :)

Maggie said...

looks delicious!! i hope to make my way there some day...for special occasion :)

Karen Ling said...

lol no it was 4 ppl in total hehe

n it was gooooood:)

Karen Ling said...

lol ur Australia trip more than makes up for it:P

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