Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rosedale Diner

On Friday night I went for dinner with my best friend at Rosedale Diner located in midtown Toronto.

We have been drooling for the poutine au canard for weeks and finally we were able to satisfy our craving.

This was our very first time at this diner but we saw a deal for the diner and when we were scanning through the menu our eyes immediately landed on this poutine.

This is what was written on the menu. "Off-the-bone duck confit and Quebecois cheese curds, frites, demi-glace gravy." Now tell me after reading that don't you want to make a trip to there as well. Believe me it will be worth it. The duck confit was so tender and went perfectly well with the mountain of cheese curds and fries drenched in delicious finger licking gravy. My mouth is watering all over again just thinking about it.

Next we had the chicken dijonaise with beans and frites. It wasn't that great. Think it tasted a bit sour don't know if it was from the dijon sauce but I do give points for the moist chicken. It was not dry at all just wasn't a fan of the sauce.

The portions here were very generous. No appetizers necessary at all. I was already getting stuffed from the poutine itself and I was sharing it with my friend.

For dessert we ordered the flourless chocolate cake. It was light as air. I can eat plates of this since it wasn't heavy at all.

The poutine is a must try at this family-owned restaurant. If you love poutines head to Rosedale diner but make sure to make reservations ahead of time since the seating here is very limited.


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Maggie said...

how did you find out about this place? the poutine does sound yummy, and the flourless cake sounds interesting - i wanna try!

Karen Ling said...

from groupon lol didn't you see the deal don't remember how long ago it was though

i also tried the flourless cake at Soho Bistro...between the 2 so far I don't know which one I like better I think it's pretty much the same except for the sauces...think I like the sauce at the diner more think it was an almond sauce i really don't remember lol

Chee said...

looking at these pics makes me want to eat it all over again! *drool* the poutine and the flourless cake were definitely the highlights! i still remember i was about to dig in after craving it for WEEKS but you had to get your pics in! but well worth it so that you can add it to you blog collection =)

it was my first time trying the flourless chocolate cake and your 'first' time trying it week later! haha

Karen Ling said...

lol i know you were ready to pitch that fork into the poutine you had that crazy look in your eyes hehe

lol yes my "first" time hehe

Maggie said...

is this some inside joke, why is first in quotes :P
i want to try a flourless cake!

Karen Ling said...

lol hahaha ask Sue

then you shall try next time:)

Anonymous said...

Terrible service. Don't go and don't waste your MONEY. Food is awful and waiting 15 minutes for a drink. Never going here again!

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