Sunday, October 24, 2010


Since it was raining last night me and my 2 friends decided to have dinner somewhere close by.

Even though we were surrounded by hundreds of restaurants to choose from along Yonge Street, we could not think of any place to eat. Well at first we were going to head to Kenzo Ramen but since it was packed we settled for Sariwon.

I have been to this restaurant a few times and some have been hits and while others have been a complete miss.

It was a full house that night but luckily we didn't have to wait long for a table.

Once seated we ordered the meal combination which included marinated BBQ meat, lettuce wrap, rice and soup.

Thank god my friends knew how long to cook the meat because if I was in charge the beef would have been overdone.

Once the meat was cooked you would dip the beef into some sort of sesame oil sauce, add some brown bean paste along with a slice of raw garlic all wrapped in a huge piece of lettuce. It was a lot of work just for a wrap but it was good in the end.

The negative aspect of this restaurant is the portion size. For the lettuce wrap they only gave us 5 pieces of lettuce. That is not enough for 3 people. We had to request for more lettuce, more garlic, more sauces well basically more of everything otherwise we would just be left with meat and a bowl of rice. What is the point of ordering the wrap when we don't get enough of the items to create the wrap in the first place?!!

Although the quality of the meat was fairly good however, it was sliced too thick. My jaw got tired from chewing the large chunk of meat.

The complimentary side dishes were not that appetizing either. The seaweed was all wilted like it's been sitting out for too long. The only side dish I snacked on were the fried peanuts.

The only positive part of the meal was the seafood beef brown bean paste soup. It was hearty and comforting and for a moment it made me forget about the miserable rainy weather outside.

In spite of the tiny portions nonetheless I left with a half full stomach.

Would I return again? Probably not. Maybe just for the soup. Then again with so many Korean restaurants to choose from at Yonge & Finch think I will pass on Sariwon.


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Chee said...

Food was good - you know I'm always a fan of Korean *drool* I really liked the soupy dish and would definitely have that again. The lettuce wrap was good but the meat was a bit chewy!

Thanks again for dinner to you and your other "friend" lol

Karen Ling said...

lol no problem

next time you can take me to your korean restaurant...what was it called again...ka chi???

crazycoz said...

Go to Oh Geul Boh Geul! My first pork bone soup was good there. Still never tried THE OWL lol

Karen Ling said...

lol i've been there already the food is good

but u still need to try the owl:P

best pork bone soup EVER!!!!!!!!

Karen Ling said...

and it's open 24hrs which shows you how good it is:P

believe me i was there on a weekday at 2AM in the morning and it was still busy

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