Monday, October 11, 2010

Centre Street Deli

If you love pastrami and corned beef then Centre Street Deli is the place to head to. When I go I normally purchase one pound each of these two smoked meat along with a loaf of rye bread. Once I get home I pile the meat high on the bread along with a dab of dijon mustard. Omigod!!!!!!! The best deli sandwich EVER!!!!!

This was the last sandwich so there wasn't much meat left to pile high. Sorry too busy eating so forgot about taking pictures.

Just head over to the friendly deli place and try it out for yourself. I guarantee you will end up returning for more.



Chee said...

where is this place? we have to go next time i am in your area...and the dog park!! looking to find a the "schwartz" of montreal in TO!

Karen Ling said...

ok next time when we are around my area i'll take you altho that will never be the case hehe

maybe you should just tell me when you want to go and i'll take you there

didn't you want to try black camel too man wished i got pix of that too those sandwiches were sooooo good

as for the dog park dude it's cold now even i don't want to be outside:P

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