Sunday, October 3, 2010

St. Lawrence Market

For a few weeks now me and my 3 best friends have been planning to make a trip to the St. Lawrence Market for some great eats and shopping. It finally happened on Saturday afternoon.

Here are pictures of our food adventures.

Our first stop was for this sandwich place located on the lower level of the market called Mustachio's. There was a huge line but guess also because it was lunch time and it was a weekend.

We bought a veal sandwich and a chicken & eggplant one to share amongst the four of us. The sandwich was gigantic. One of my friends got overwhelmed by the enormous size and was stuffed after finishing her portion. As for me and my remaining friends we were still yearning for more.

We bought fish & chips from some place on the upper level but it wasn't that great hence not worth taking a picture. The batter was not crispy at all and just didn't taste that great.

Next I was craving for an almond croissant since we were seated right in front of all the freshly baked goods. Just look at the photos isn't your mouth watering already??? Who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked goods. We ended up buying an almond croissant, a chocolate croissant, an apple turnover and an almond pastry filled with marzipan. It was all decadent and oh so delicious I wished I bought more to take home for myself.

I wanted to buy turkey sausage sticks but couldn't find one stall that would have them. Each place I went to they kept redirecting me to another stall and after going to 4-5 different meat counters I ended up leaving empty-handed.

I used to buy the turkey sticks from the farmer's market on weekends at Yorkdale mall but now that the mall has altered its image to a more upscale shopping centre the market no longer exist on weekends. Right now I am still searching for an alternate place to purchase those turkey sticks.

Lastly was this pasta counter tucked in the far back corner on the upper level. This place had a nonstop traffic flow of people. I never bought freshly made pasta before so didn't know how much to buy. The cashier told us that one strip of ravioli was good for 2 people so I ended up buying 2 strips of each ravioli flavor. The three flavors were seafood, spinach and cheese. I also purchased 2 containers of meat sauce. All of it came to a grand total of $42. WOW!!! Just for pasta and meat sauce. Wouldn't it have been better for me to just order it at a restaurant for that price? But since there were people coming from all directions I guess it was a reasonable price since I saw everyone grabbing several bags for themselves like it was potato chips or something.

Here is the machine pressing out the freshly made pasta. Can't get fresher than that right? Hopefully the pasta and meat sauce is worth the money.

For my next trip, which would probably be in the summer, I definitely want to eat the veal sandwich again but this time with cheese. I can't believe I forgot the most crucial component of any sandwich, the CHEESE!!! To me it's not a real sandwich unless it has that melted gooey cheesy string sticking between the bread and the meat. Hopefully next time I won't forget it again.


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