Sunday, October 17, 2010

Steve's Restaurant

This morning I was craving for an egg benedict and egg benedict I got.

I drove to Steve's Restaurant and ordered a smoked salmon benedict while my boyfriend got the regular egg benedict with peameal bacon.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon the place was bustling with people. Luckily we arrived around 1 or so which is the perfect time as people were finishing up their last morsel of food.

The benedict was scrumptious. The hollandaise sauce was extremely rich and very heavy. Not great for those who are calorie counters. After finishing the food I just did not want to move at all. Niggeritis was definitely kicking in.

This is my place for now for a benedict uptown until I find another joint.



Maggie said...

hey i had an egg benny today too! lol it wasn't that great tho, the smoked salmon was way too can try making it at home too eh (mostly just poached eggs and buy knorr hollandaise sauce) i think i like my benny with peameal bacon better

Karen Ling said...

lol me make eggs?!!

I can't even make sunny side hahaha

rather go out and eat it instead

yea the peameal was definitely better but I still like the smoke salmon

honestly it's all cause of brioche I was craving for a benny lol it was just sooooo good nothing beats that yet...their salad complimented the benedict I'm drooling for it now lol

Chee said...

eggs benny are the bomb! Mmmm....can't wait for brunch this weekend at hanks! hehe

Karen Ling said...

i know me too:)

hope it's good

Karen Ling said...

want to try their dutch oven pancake or something

Chee said...

that's definitely one of the things we're've been raving about it ;) hehe

Karen Ling said...

yayyyy can't wait hope it's good:)

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