Sunday, October 31, 2010


Last Thursday I went to watch a movie with a friend. We watched "Life as We Know it" starring Katherine Heigl and hottie Josh Duhamel. The movie was a decent chick flick. It had its moments.

After the movie we were hungry so my friend took me to this authentic Japanese restaurant along St Patrick Street called Ematei. She claimed they had the best curry dish. I don't like curry but thought I would give it a try since I never tried Japanese curry before.

Since it was my first time there I just let my friend ordered the food.

She ordered kare raisu ebi frai which was basically curry rice with deep fried prawns.

At first the curry aroma really got to me. It definitely smelled like curry. I can't stand the scent thought I would have to plug my nose to eat it but surprisingly the food didn't taste like the way it smelled. It was quite tasty.

I can now say I like curry. That is Japanese curry. Now my friend wants me to try Thai curry next which I'm not quite sure I'm ready for just yet. For now baby steps for me.

The other dish we ordered was nabemono aka hot pot. I never knew there were so many types of Japanese hot pot. The one we had was sukiyaki which included thinly sliced beef, tofu, vegetables and starch noodles all stewed in sweetened soy and eaten with a raw egg dip.

It was scrumptious but man was there a lot of food. There were only 2 of us yet we couldn't help ourselves. We were starving and when you're hungry you just want everything. Also we were given complimentary fried okra to begin with as well.

Next time I want to try the cod since my friend said it was good. Also some jelly dessert as well. We couldn't even finish our food so sadly couldn't sample any sweets.

Thanks Sue for introducing me to Japanese curry and hot pot. We definitely need to make a second trip and try out the other dishes as well:)


30 St. Patrick Street
(close to Osgoode Station)

Ematei Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Maggie said...

cool i've heard of this place it's on my list of jap places but too bad it's downtown, i wonder if it's more for cooked foods instead of sushi though...sukiyaki is yummy! thai curry - like green curry? it's yuuummy tastes nothing like the curry you hate probably, and it has lots of coconut milk too

Karen Ling said...

lol all the good ones are downtown

we will see how I feel bout green curry...stay tuned to find out:)

Chee said...

One of my favourite Japanese places! Funny how I know this restaurant as "Authentic Japanese Restaurant" (cause that's what it says on their billboard) I never really noticed the name till you pointed it out on your list and the location looked familiar!

Now you can say you're a curry lover after this experience ;) Well, almost anyways =P haha

Karen Ling said...

lol too funny

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