Monday, October 18, 2010

Kenzo Ramen

It's funny Kenzo Ramen was on my list of places to try yet I didn't know they had a location uptown till my friend told me about it. On the actual website only one location is listed which is 138 Dundas Street West. The one I went to today was located on 6180 Yonge Street. So not quite sure if it's the same franchise but the menu sure looks identical so I'm going to cross it off my list. It saves me a trip downtown at least.

The restaurant is really tiny. With around 8-10 tables I think the seating capacity is at a maximum of 30 people. Me and my boyfriend arrived around 7pm and there were only 2 tables filled with patrons. However, 10 minutes later it was a full house. Luckily we came at a good time. After seeing how quickly the place filled up I was really excited to try out the food.

We ordered the gyoza, sho-yu ramen and the king of the kings ramen. The food was superb. The broth was full of flavor. Definitely not powder mix. The noodles were hand made I believe. Did not taste like instant noodles.When you hear ramen you immediately associate it with instant noodles however, Kenzo Ramen is definitely not noodles in a package. It was freshly made.

The full house speaks for itself. Even saw one couple who came in they rather wait for a table then leave unlike me I'm too impatient. If I see no free table I just turn around and leave. So that definitely says a lot when patrons are willing to wait for a table.

Thanks Mags for letting me know about the uptown location otherwise who knows when I will be able to try out the downtown location. Yayyy another restaurant off my list.


Kenzo Ramen
6180 Yonge Street
(b/n Finch & Steeles)

Kenzo Japanese Noodle House on Urbanspoon


Chee said...

i've been to this place too dt a few months back! pretty good!

did you know that in japan, the japanese actually thinks ramen is chinese food! lol apparently, they think chinese food is ramen and "ma po" and here we are thinkin ramen is japanese food as well.

sound familiar to how some westerners think chinese food is chicken balls and sweet and sour pork =P

Karen Ling said...

o yeah how big is the place? cause the one uptown is really tiny

wow that's pretty interesting didn't know that but sure is funny

you still have to take me to that restaurant to try that jap curry you mentioned:)

crazycoz said...

Do you know anymore good food places around Yonge and Finch?

Maggie said...

can't wait to go back for the ramen again...wish there was a ramen place up here

Karen Ling said...

i told you go to the Owl of Minerva:P

Karen Ling said...

Mags have you tried the location dt???

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