Monday, August 1, 2011

Izakaya Ju

1st time good, 2nd time eh, 3rd time no more.

I've been to Izakaya Ju 3 times already and that first line pretty much described all 3 experiences. What I will be blogging about here will be my 3rd trip.

On my 3rd dinner here all the items I ordered were all dishes I haven't tried on my previous 2 trips. So something new but maybe that's where I went wrong.

This osaka style fried rice was the highlight of the meal. When it arrived my friend was like "whoa it's ALIVE!!!". What he was referring to were the bonito flakes lol. This dish was very flavorful and tasty even though it was mostly rice. I don't even remember what else was on this dish nevertheless, the most yummiest dish of the night.

We got the special, the seared B.C. tuna sashimi. It was ok but just wasn't as fresh as the one I had at Guu Sakabar. You can really taste a big difference in freshness and seasoning. At Guu, I wanted more while here I didn't really feel like going for seconds.

I had my heart set on trying the deep fried chicken wing stuffed with dumpling. Maybe my expectations were too high cause it was just meh. The concept was unique but when it came to the flavor profile there was just no wow factor for me.

My other friend wanted to try the ankimo steamed monkfish liver with ponzu sauce. It was not as fishy as the one I had at Tsuki yet still not good enough for me to order again.

The chicken knuckles was crunchy and not in a good way. Don't know what made me and my friend order this. It was different but not tasty different.

Here were the Ju style BBQ spare ribs and the simmered black cod and daikon radish in soy soup. I personally didn't enjoy the ribs since it had some sort of curry seasoning I'm not so fond of and as for the cod, it was once again like most of the previous dishes, just MEH.

After this last trip think that's enough Ju for me. Gonna stick with Guu instead when it comes to izakayas. Thank god the company was great because the food share didn't satisfy me.


3160 Steeles Ave. East
(east of Woodbine)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

you have to try the Monkfish Liver at Ayoyama... so good =P

I went once to Ju and like it a lot and haven't had tome to go back since but I read so many people say that their quality are not very consistant... Maybe I won't go back noe =P

Chee said...

fool me once, shame on you!
fool me twice, shame on me! =P
hope you learned your lesson by now! ;) lol

SpatulaGeek said...

@chee Three strikes and your out!

@Kiki I was just talking to amylu7 about the monkfish liver at Aoyama. They were the first place I saw that served it so I HAD to try it. It's the Foie Gras of the sea! :)

It is something memorable like going to Sushi Kaji! My only complaint is that it is TOO cozy there and chances are they will have to wait a bit before being seated.

Aoyama sushi; Eat there next! :)

Joan said...

yea my friend and a went here a while back and didn't really like it either... I liked that they had some dishes that aren't seen everywhere like the monkfish, but overall we both agreed that the food was just meh.

Eat Here Next said...

ok next time im at Aoyama then i will give the monkfish liver a try:)

but no more Izakaya Ju for me 3 times is enuff said...

Man.. even after these "not-so-positive" comments, I still want to give Ju a try :P

Eat Here Next said...

lol go for i said my first experience was great maybe i should've never returned lol and it wud've always been good in my head

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