Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Khao San Road

It was a long cold journey but I finally made it through the snowy weather to the restaurant Khao San Road.

I walked right by the place since there was no visible sign unless you count the 3 or 4 pieces of paper taped to the window. Thank god I was on foot unlike my sister-in-law she drove right past it. Also it's a one way street on Adelaide so once you past it then you would have to circle around to get back.

I made reservations to avoid the lineup and it was a good thing too because once we entered the restaurant there were quite a few tables already reserved. Luckily one of those tables was for us.

Me and my sister-in-law were extremely excited about eating there. I kept texting her throughout the day just counting down till dinner time. Finally the wait was over.

After a few minutes of deliberation we finally waved the server over and began to order. We went all out.

My sister-in-law had to try out the Thai beer. She said it actually complimented the food really well. Maybe I should try it out on my next trip.

For our starter we had the gra bong. The fritters were a mixture of squash, red curry paste, shrimp paste, lemongrass and eggs all deep fried together. I must say these were absolutely out of this world. I never cared for squash but after chowing down on these fritters I am now in love with squash. It is a must try. Great way to kickstart the meal.

Here is the gaeng phed. We chose the chicken red curry since we were told the red curry was much more popular than the green curry dish. It was really tasty. The potatoes were melt in your mouth tender and full of red curry flavor just soaking up in the potatoes.

This dish, khao soi, was highly recommended by our server. It consisted of egg noodles in a coconut milk enriched curry with chunks of braised beef garnished with crispy noodles, green onions and lime. The succulent meat was juicy and tender and the egg noodles were just oodles of joy. Absolutely luscious. It was a great recommendation.

Now this was the reason why I came, the pad thai (street style) with shrimp. We chose mild for the level of spiciness and I have to say it was not spicy at all. In fact it was sweet to me so maybe I should have gotten medium or even hot instead since my partner can definitely handle her spices. Nevertheless, it was gratifying. I would have licked the plate clean if I was eating it at home. It was just amazingly scrumptious. Truly authentic. No ketchup in here. Just the way it was suppose to be made.

The food was superb and the service was great. I just can't believe us 2 girls finished every morsel of food. Man we are pigs. My stomach was so full that it was hard to get up. Thank god I had my stretchy pants on. I came prepared.

We ended up buying 2 more orders of the street style pad thai to take home and this time they were medium spicy. However, our men inhaled the food in one sitting. Darn was hoping I could steal a few bites. Oh well gotta head back to the restaurant and grab some more. Wonder what I should try on my next trip.


326 Adelaide West
(close to Spadina)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

I'm going this Sat...Went to Sokho Thai last year and lave their khao soi and love it extra spicy =P

can't wait for our dinner on Sat

The Food Junkie said...

Everything looks so damn good. DAMN!

Karen Ling said...

i wonder how sukho thai is doing now that the chef left

man i wanna go back their food was god DAMN hehe

can't wait to read ur post KiKi

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