Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Think it's giving me the CLAW!!!

I remember my very first trip to The Lobster Trap.

Me and my boyfriend were so excited to feast on a 7lb lobster. Yes I said 7lbs and it was pure crustacean joy. We couldn't believe it ourselves.

Unfortunately nowadays think old age has hit me or my body is punishing me and I can't enjoy eating lobsters the same way I used to. My body just rejects it.

To celebrate my boyfriend's birthday we all went to the Lobster Trap. Great for them but major food tease for me:(

Once you enter you can see the pool of lobsters floating about. I wonder if the decor on the wall are real actual lobster shells. Should have inspected it closer.

Here was a tank of the invertebrates all bunched together.

Here is one angry looking lobster. Then again he has good reason to be angry.

Think he's giving me the claw here.

Or he might transform into the evil Megatron or something lol. He just looks so evil.

Here was the informative placemat I always read even though it's the exact same placemat every time.

Here was the complimentary basket of carbs aka garlic rolls. Yummy as usual but man oh man is it bad when you are trying to eat healthy.

The lobster bisque is always impeccable every single time I come here for dinner.

I chose caesar salad for my side to have some veggies on my plate. It could use some bacon bits. I love bacon bits. It's just never enough in salads. Always a tease.

Here was the escargots. Even though it was drenched in pure butter it still was not tasty to me. The flavor of the escargot was quite bland.

Now what you've all been waiting to see the 3lb broiled lobster. I didn't eat it so I don't know if it's still as scrumptious but by the looks of everyone's faces they sure enjoyed it. Lobster juices running down their arms and eyes closed when sucking out the tiny piece of meat in the lobster shell. It looked like they were in a state of eurphoria.

Here was my broiled breaded scampi entree. It was yummy. It looked like mini lobsters to me.

For dessert we got the strawberry cheesecake which was actually from Carole's Cheesecake. It was divine. Not too sweet just light and perfect.

Now the actual total of the bill I cannot say since my generous and super awesome brother-in-law and sister-in-law took care of the bill.

Let's see.

We had 2 three pound lobsters, 1 one and a half lobster (which my father-in-law devoured ferociously and left no meat behind), my scampi dinner entree, 2 orders of escargots, 4 lobster bisque, 1 strawberry cheesecake, and 1 bottle of house wine. You figure it out. Let's just say it wasn't cheap. Wishing my boo a very Happy Birthday and thanks a bunch to my brother and sister-in-law for a scrumptious seafood feast.

TOTAL BILL Very Expensive...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

1962 Avenue Road
(south of Wilson)

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