Saturday, May 14, 2011

Live and Breathe

Once again I bought another voucher. Man I'm going broke from all these deal sites yet I just can't pass up on a good deal. Especially when it's food related^_^

Before I even purchased the voucher I read that LAB aka Live and Breathe was suppose to be some sort of molecular cuisine. That was the reason I bought the voucher in the first place. The menu was enticing coupled with some great reviews I was sold. However, the menu appeared to have change from when I previously viewed it. Regardless, the food was outstanding even if it didn't involve molecular gastronomy.

I arrived pretty early so I took advantage of the empty place and snapped some photos.

This wall was cute. Guess this was the part that involved a bit of science although don't know if this actually meant anything. Sorry I don't remember my science or chemistry class lol they were my least favorite subjects in school.

Here was the wine list. On the wall that is. Which wasn't so great for my friend who's back was to this wall and he was the one drinking. In the end he got a beer instead since he wanted to try something new.

I thought this was amusing. It was to warn those on their way to the washroom to beware of the ceiling or else face the consequences.

I like the fact that their logo was on the table. Just looked nice.

The complimentary bread was yummy. Well I just like to eat the centre which was fluffy soft.

For our starter, we got the parmesan potato croquettes with tomato chutney. OMG I love love LOVE this. Crispy on the outside and warm and flavorful on the inside. I fell in love with the tomato chutney. It was sweet and refreshing just a burst of pure joy in my mouth. I wanted to lick the entire plate clean but refrained myself from doing so.

Here you can see the yummy goodness on the inside.

Here was the long bean salad with radicchio and roasted pearl onions. This looked like a breath of spring on a plate. It was so pretty I think I took like 10 shots of this dish. Sadly, it wasn't that great. Just your average long bean salad. However, I did enjoy the roasted onions. It was sweet so it didn't have that strong onion taste nor leave you with that awful onion breath either.

Here was the trout with fagioli cannellini and tomato caviar. This fish was a delight. The top layer of skin was crispy yet the flesh meaty part was absolutely moist and delicious. The beans were tasty but there was too much of it which became kinda boring after a few bites.

Here you can see a closeup of the beautiful crispy skin and the pearls of tomato caviar. I never had tomato caviar before and it was a pop of joy.

Here was the short ribs braised in chinotto with polenta and gremolata. It was magnificent. Tender succulent juicy meat. It fell off the bone so easily it didn't even require the help of a knife. The polenta was pillowy soft like a cotton ball. Everything was well prepared and seasoned perfectly. It was scrumptious.

Can you see how tender the meat is here.

The bill arrived in one of those bottles you will find in a science lab. I don't remember what they are called I know test tubes isn't the correct term but I really can't remember. It's at the tip of my tongue. Wow I really don't know the name of it. Anyways liked the way the bill was presented. It goes very well with the science theme.

The food titillated my taste buds and the service was great. I'm not sure if the food was considered molecular cuisine but it definitely was top notch in my books.


L.A.B. Live & Breathe
651 College Street
(close to Ossington)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

there painted over their graffiti wall and now there's the 3 huge blackboards.
Everything looks so good, now I want to go back for the rd time =P The bean salad looks so pretty, like a bouquet

Eat Here Next said...

oh it was a graffiti wall before didn't know that...since dinner was so good im still wondering how their previous menu tasted since that was what had initially caught my attention...i really wanna try molecular cuisine and the only place i know of in toronto is colborne lane but it's super pricey and heard the portions are small so gotta save up first if i wanna go there to eat

kiki's B.F.F said...

Did you see my post, you'll have an idea of the previous menu :

I would say, the one you are look better =P
But you didn't try dessert? I thought their desserts are one of the fave part, very different =P

Eat Here Next said...

Yes i did and i think it was that apple pie i had my eye on before lol

when i was there nothing on their dessert menu caught my eye:(

James Marker said...

Your imagination gives a little look about the science or chemistry class. Such that they all are seems to be in that manner. But I think your voucher is very helpful or all of the persons.

Eat Here Next said...

yes James the voucher did help but i would definitely return again even without the voucher...the food was yummy... if science class was this yummy i would never skip any classes:)

Vaporizers said...

if you live and breathe an activity or subject, you spend most of your time doing it or thinking about it because you like it so much For twenty years I've lived and breathed dance. It's been my whole life.

Kevin said...

I just like to eat the centre which was fluffy soft.

OnlineCasinoSuite said...

It is so pretty I think I will take like 10 shots of this dish.

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