Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Me Va Me

Me Va Me. I am not making up some words here it's actually the name of a Middle Eastern restaurant.

There are 2 locations in Thornhill as well as 2 express locations. I loved it so much I ended up returning the next day to get some more of their delicious dips. Both times I went to the location at Bathurst & Rutherford.

The Rutherford location is newly built. I love the decor. It looks like a posh condo or a contemporary hotel lobby.

Here was the grilled meat station. I love the white brick wall. Looks so simple yet modern at the same time.

We received a complimentary bowl of pickles. I did not like it since it was too vinegary for me. I prefer sweet pickles over sour ones.

Our waitress highly recommended the dips so we got the trio platter. Here from left to right was the baba ganoush, hummus and fried eggplant. If you have never tried any of the dips before here is a brief description. Baba ganoush is eggplant grilled on an open flame then pureed and mixed with seasoning. Hummus is a puree of chickpeas and Tahini sauce with lemon juice and garlic. Fried eggplant is mixed with onions in a rich tomato sauce.

All 3 dips were dippity dip dip good. You can eat it individually with the pita or mix all 3 dips. Either way I just couldn't get enough of it. This would be a perfect tv snack. Also healthy too I think so another bonus.

Here was a simple side salad.

For our starter we ordered the fried calamari rings with tzatziki sauce. It was crispy and tasty.

Since I just finished having brunch at La Bamboche I decided to grab something small. I had the potato latke with smoked salmon. It was not small. It was very filling and delicious.

My boyfriend ordered the grilled meat platter. It definitely tasted as good as it looked. All the meat was juicy and well seasoned. Also generous portion as well.

Here was my second meal the day after.

We had to grab the dips again. The only thing we decided to change was the hummus for the green eggplant. The green eggplant is grilled over an open flame then pureed and mixed with bell peppers, green onions and garlic. The garlic flavor was pretty overwhelming yet still tasty. Out of all the dips my faves is the baba ganoush and the fried eggplant.

Here was the plate seconds later. Yes it was that good even though it's just a dip.

The waitress we had this time highly recommended the falafel which are balls of ground chickpeas mixed with herbs and seasoning served with a side of Tahini sauce. Not a good call. It was under seasoned so it tasted really bland. The only great thing about this was the crunchy exterior.

This time my boyfriend ordered the grilled chicken dark skewers marinated with seasoning and herbs. Once again he enjoyed his meal. I took a bite and it was really moist and juicy.

I had the chicken schnitzel which is chicken breast filet breaded with seasoned breadcrumbs and sesame seeds. A bad call here. It was extremely tasteless. Huge piece of bland meat.

I highly recommend the dips and the grilled meat.

The Rutherford location is always jammed pack on weekends so I recommend going on a weekday to avoid lineups.


Me Va Me
9302 Bathurst Street
(close to Rutherford)

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Anonymous said...

Poor service, waiters are slow to clean the tables up and ran out of some items on the menu.
The kitchen made a mistake and forgot to get us our appetizer. Would not go there again....it's not worth the hussle.

Eat Here Next said...

oh no which location did u go to?

because the rutherford location i've never had any problems

online pharmacy said...

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jellybean8888 said...

Hi I called to order delivery from Me Va Me bethurst and 16 it was the third time in a row this week the lady that answered the phone was very rude and my food never showed up I waited for an hour the day before I called at 9:35P.m she answered the phone and as soon as she took my number and before I oredered informed me angrily and the last order was at 9 P.m and we cant keep the driver running and shut the phone in my face today feb 29 2012 I called again mind you I called three times this week for delivery took my number and didnt give me a total and I donnu why she informed me when I called back an hour later asking where my food was that i said pick up how when yesterday you know off the bat it was delivery and this week I ordered delivery three times I never said pick up left me on the phone for 4 minutes horrible customer service

Anonymous said...

Jellybean, with all due respect if you want people to respect and listen to your opinion you need to use punctuation marks. Full sentences, periods and commas go a long way.

Anonymous said...

they are not rude...it is their russian tone which sounds rough and rude. I am their customer for the past 10 years and EXCELLENT service in both locations.

Anonymous said...

I ate at me va me with my family several times. I have no bad comment with the food. Its all deliciuous.My only comment is the pita bread they serve on the table. One time we went there, the server said that we will not get the bread unless we ordered an appetizer. The next time we went there, we got the pita bread even we did not order an appetizer. The other time, we ordered potato latkes which is a appetizer but we are not given the bread because it is not a dip. So, which is which? Very inconsistent.

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