Friday, May 6, 2011

Short & Sweet Cupcakes

Short & Sweet Cupcakes is a hidden store along a side street off of Avenue Road. There is hardly any parking available but do be warn NEVER PARK in the driveway of the animal clinic right next to it otherwise the owner will FREAK OUT on you.

I was there literally 2 minutes. I went in and grabbed my cupcakes quickly and ran back out. She yelled at me for parking in her driveway. I get that it's her space but come on I wasn't even parked for more than a couple minutes.

Sorry just had to point that out now back to the cupcakes.

With its hot pink and white color scheme, this little shop is adorable. Once you enter you can't help but giggle like a schoolgirl when you see all the pretty cupcakes on display.

For my first trip I went on a Tuesday afternoon. I was excited until I found out what flavors were available. I was really disappointed when I discovered that there was mostly vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. No carrot cake or red velvet:( I didn't want to leave empty-handed so I bought half a dozen to try. The cake itself for all of them wasn't as moist and there was certainly an overload of frosting. Thank god for the frosting since that was where all the flavor came from. The cake itself was kinda bland. There were only 2 exceptions. The chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream and the lady in red.

The lady in red was the feature flavor of the month. It was strawberry cupcake made with a bit of champagne topped with strawberry buttercream. Here was a free sample of the feature flavor. It was berry delicious. So good that I got the regular size as well which is the one with the heart candy on top. On my way out to the car since I was in a rush I actually dropped the mini cupcake and had to go back in to ask for napkins. Since I dropped the mini one they were so kind to offer me another mini cupcake. Such nice people.

On my second trip, I went on a Friday afternoon. Woohoo this time practically every flavor was available. Every single one was decadent except one cupcake which I just can't seem to remember what it was. My favorites were the carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting, red velvet cupcake with raspberry and cream cheese frosting and the feature flavor of the month which was blueberry cupcake with mascarpone frosting. The feature flavor once again blew me away. I think they should offer it on their regular menu. It's just too good to be offered for only one month.

On this trip, I found the quality of the cupcakes to be much better than the first. Then again I was just overjoyed that I was able to try out the flavors that I had originally wanted.

The key lime cupcake with cream cheese frosting was unique. I never had a green cupcake before. It was quite pleasant.

Also I love mint chocolate so I had to grab this cupcake again. Aren't you green with envy:)

I highly recommend heading between Thursday to Sunday for cupcakes since that is when they have most of the flavors available unlike my first trip. Also if you want mini cupcakes it's only available on request where you have to order at least one day in advance. The minimum order is a dozen and they are all in one flavor of your choice. Wish they did a variety pack for minis so I can bring to work. Hard to choose just ONE flavor.

TOTAL BILL $14 (6 cupcakes)...EAT HERE NEXT!!!

399 Old Orchard Grove
(b/n Wilson & Lawrence)

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The Food Junkie said...

Although I'm not too into cupcakes I gotta say that those are very pretty cupcakes! :)

Eat Here Next said...

WAT??? how can you not like cupcakes:(

then again u eat so much other stuff guess ur just not a sweets kinda girl...burgers are your thing:)

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