Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Dinner @ Gonoe Sushi

I found out the day before that my mommy was free for dinner. Unfortunately trying to make last minute dinner reservations for Mother's Day was almost next to impossible.

I called several places and they were all booked. I searched on Urbanspoon and came across Gonoe Sushi. I have never been there before so I tried giving them a call. I was thrilled that they were able to fit us in.

It was a cute cozy restaurant. We were seated across from the sushi bar since my mommy didn't want to sit in the enclosed room. She said she felt trapped lol. Well it was her day so she can do anything she wants.

We were given complimentary grilled salmon head to start off with. It was delicious and even better that it was free so great start so far.

Next was the beef sashimi. My boyfriend enjoyed this a lot. My mommy on the other hand is kinda scared of raw meat but she did try one piece at least. She thought it was ok then again I think she just can't get over the fact that it's raw.

The dipping sauce came in a martini glass which was different.

Here was the 40 piece sashimi boat. Just absolutely beautiful. Everything was fresh and delicious. The only item that wasn't great was the snapper. It was frozen. But everything else sure made up for it.

Now onto another gorgeous boat, the sushi rolls. The ones that we ordered were the mermaid, black dragon, smokey spider roll, gonoe roll, spicy salmon and the Las Vegas. Everything was sushi-licious.

The Gonoe roll is a must try. It's a deep fried roll of red pepper, spicy tuna and cucumber wrapped in unagi and avocado. It had a kick to it which was different from your average roll.

My mom and brother liked the mermaid roll. It was deep fried lobster with asparagus wrapped in Atlantic smoked salmon.

My boyfriend ordered the cold buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce. The zaru soba was refreshingly delicious.

We were almost finished eating when the waitress arrived with another dish on the house. Wow 2 FREE apps in one meal how can I not love the place. Here was the salmon sushi pizza. It was yummy but we were stuffed so we couldn't finish it.

Sadly I couldn't order any dessert and to be honest I don't know if they even have desserts since we just asked for the bill after inhaling all our food. Thank god for Urbanspoon otherwise I would never have know about Gonoe. It was a hit and a great Mother's Day dinner. Next time I want to try the Canadian bacon roll. It has lettuce, bacon, Jalepenos, avocado and cucumber. Wonder how that will taste.


1310 Don Mills Road
(b/n York Mills & Lawrence)

Gonoe Sushi Japanese on Urbanspoon


kiki's B.F.F said...

WOW all the rolls together look very impressive, that's a lot of rice to finish =P

Eat Here Next said...

lol that wasn't a problem at all we cleaned it out good except for that last dish the free sushi pizza:)

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