Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nadege finally Opens in Rosedale

Woohoo! Nadege Patisserie is now much more closer to me than before.

Don't have to head all the way downtown anymore for their sweet confections.

The decor at this location is much more different from the Queen location. The brick walls make the place much more darker looking than compared to the bright white space downtown.

Because of the dim lighting my pictures didn't turn out as nice compared to my previous post on Nadege.

Guess what I bought this time.

I got the pomme calva which is flambee apple with calvados, soft apple gelee, calvados bavarose and almond streusel. I have no clue what any of it means I just know that it tasted really really good.

Also got their homemade lychee and rose marshmallows. When I opened the container it smelled like a bouquet of roses.

The texture was squishy soft and it tasted good but I didn't get any lychee flavor from it. Think the rose overpowered the lychee flavor.

I also received a complimentary cannelle which tasted like some sort of custard dessert. Think the person told me it was custard but I don't quite remember.

Here are a few pix of other luscious goodies in the store.

Think I will try the pink dessert next time. It's suppose to be chili hot so that will be different.


1099 Yonge Street
(close to Summerhill Station)

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SpatulaGeek said...

I was just at the downtown location and the server politely asked me to refrain from taking pictures. A bit of a downer. This was right after the soft shell crab and I wanted something small and sweet. It's the first time I tried a macarons from anywhere. Both macarons had a vibrant shells and soft biscuit. The mojito was a heavy on the mint filling overpowering the lime biscuit and I couldn't taste the rum. The blackberry chocolate one was more balanced and the chocolate filling was delish.

Eat Here Next said...

really i didnt have any problems last time i was there...did u see my old post i took a pix of everything lol

i tried pretty much all the macarons and i really enjoyed that u tried Nadege u should try the macarons at La Bamboche as well they are really yummy

Anonymous said...

Haha so you liked the Pomme Calva, eh? I wasn't a fan of it. I prefer the macarons at La Bamboche but both places have such different flavours.

Eat Here Next said...

lol wow something u dont like at Nadege that is interesting considering you like everything else haha

i think both places make yummy macarons but question is which is closer hehe

think la bamboche is closer for me

Anonymous said...

Is there any seating at the Rosedale location?

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