Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Omakase Box

I won! I won! I WON!!!

Not only is twitter great for meeting new people but also for winning great stuff.

I saw a tweet from @omakase_ninja about the Egg Hunt contest. All you had to do was tweet the number of eggs you saw.

And here I am. See that sheet there on the bottom it has my entry. WOOHOO!!! Also the picture at the top are the goodies that I won. Click here to read more about the individual treats in the box.

Now if you're not on Twitter I strongly recommend signing up for one. If you are on Twitter then make sure to add both @omakase_ninja and @soda_ninja. Awesome tweeps.

Also check out their site Omakase Box. Each month they hand-pick 5-6 cool unique treats and then deliver it straight to your door. Now how cool is that.


SpatulaGeek said...

That aero bar sounds dirty in japanese! ;)

Have you seen this blog about the Kit Kat from Japan?

Eat Here Next said...

thx for the rec saw the blog it's awesome

a fellow foodie also told me bout the number of kit kat flavors avail...i never knew there were so many till he told me to check it out on the wiki...wish we had more unique flavors here

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