Monday, May 9, 2011

Scrumptious Brunch @ Marben

Been eyeing the french toast at Marben for quite some time now and finally got to make the trip downtown.

Since I was there early I went to the washroom to wash my hands. The decor in the washroom was interesting. This tree caught my eye. I couldn't help but touch it to see if it was made of real wood. Honestly I couldn't really tell.

The restaurant was long, narrow and rustic looking yet comfy.

I was fortunate to grab a little booth to ourselves right next to the entrance. It was the optimal spot for pictures which was pertinent to us foodies:)

The lighting was unique and on closer inspection I noticed it was made from glass jars.

Here was the brunch menu.

The complimentary bread was warm and pillowy soft. Perfect with a dab of butter and a huge spread of jam.

The special of the day was smoked trout benny. My companion opted for this over their regular benny. It was a good call too. It was delicious. The egg was cooked perfectly. Once the fork slit through the egg the yellow yolk came pouring out circling the food. Just luscious.

Here was the bread pudding french toast that I was yearning for. It was decadent. After this dish you don't need to order any dessert at all. It was sweet yet not overly sweet to the point where you can only eat one bite. When this plate arrived I was giggling with joy excited to take pictures quickly so I can dig my fork in. I mean look at it isn't it just mouthwatering? It really did taste as good as it looks. Words just can't describe what was in my mouth. All I know was that it was worth the trip.

Here was the side of sausages that came with the french toast. It was one juicy sausage. Absolutely delicious.

Instead of receiving mints, candy or a fortune cookie, here we got a complimentary cupcake which oddly tasted very familiar to me. I asked our server if it was vegan and where it was from. Funny thing was it was from OMG Baked Goodness. I knew it! No wonder why I recognized it. The first time I ever tried vegan cupcakes was from OMG that's why I recognize the texture and the taste. Either way it was better than getting candies at the end of a meal. First time ever getting a cupcake at a restaurant. Awesome^_^

Brunch at Marben was definitely memorable. I have to return and try out their dinner as well since I heard so many good reviews. Also if their brunch is yummy I can't imagine how their dinner will be. I hear their burgers are supposedly the best in the city. Gotta try it out one day and see for myself.


488 Wellington St. West
(b/n Spadina & Bathurst)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

now I have to go for Brunch, the french toast looks super good =P Yummmmmm and complimentary cupcake, I love OMG's cupcake =D

The Food Junkie said...

I LOVE Marben and yes, I recognize that cupcake too =D

iflookscouldfill said...

complimentary cupcake? amaaaazing! their dinner is fantastic so i'll definitely be trying their brunch one of these days.

Eat Here Next said...

@kiki yes it's definitely a must try and OMG has the best vegan cupcakes ever:)

@foodjunkie lol i was so shocked that it tasted so familiar cant believe i could tell where it was from man i luv OMG

@iflookscouldfill yes i couldnt believe it myself either we wur so confused when it arrived at our table but brunch was amazing cant wait to try the dinner:)

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