Thursday, May 19, 2011

Iryewon Asian Fusion

Trying to catch up on my blog since been so busy at work so here is a quick post.

Me and my boyfriend were starving so we just picked a plaza and decided to give Iryewon a try.

Here was the banchan.

My boyfriend ordered the cham pong which was spicy seafood noodle soup. He thought it was just ok then again we were starving so think he would have ate just about anything. Don't think they make their own noodles here.

I had the ga ja jang which was stir fried noodles with black bean sauce and beef. When it arrived the noodles and sauce came in separate bowls. It doesn't really look appetizing here.

Here was how it looked after it was mixed together. Still not pretty looking but edible. At first, I couldn't find the beef. It took a while before I finally found a piece of meat. Not good when you are starving. I like the noodles at Sunny Dragon or Shanghai more. For about the same price I get more meat and veggies with it.

The food was mediocre but not good enough for me to return knowing I can get better food for the same price elsewhere.


Iryewon Asian Fusion
100 Steeles Ave. West
(close to Yonge)

Iryewon Asia Fusion Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

You clearly choose the wrong dishes to order from Iryewon...#1 pick: jajangmyun, the sauce and noodles come together but O..M...GGGGG
and #2 pick: kam poong gi
#3: this have this pot dish that i've been dying to try, i see everybody order it but have yet to figure out what it is on the menu

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