Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shanghai Pt 2

Here's a quick post since it was just a midnite snack although to some it may be a huge meal. Ok it is more than a snack.

My boyfriend was hungry so we went out somewhere close to home for a quick bite. He was craving for fluke sashimi but since it was close to midnight we did not have many options available. Most of the places we went to they were either closed or did not have what he wanted.

We finally gave up and just went to one of our usual spots for a quick bite.

Normally at Shanghai we would order the jajangmyun but I wanted to try a new dish.

Here was the complimentary banchan. The kimchi was fresh and wasn't marinated too long so it didn't have that strong pungent vinegary taste.

My boyfriend ended up ordering his usual. Here was his seafood noodle soup. I found it bland but he enjoyed it.

Here was the sweet and spicy deep fried chicken. Crunchy texture yet moist chicken on the inside. Simply scrumptious.

The new dish I wanted to try was the ground beef and tofu stir fried in chili oil. It may sound common to you but I haven't tried it at this restaurant so it was new to me. Also since it had tofu in it I thought I would count it as a healthy dish to me although it technically might not be healthy I'm not quite sure. Anyways I really liked the dish. It was delicious. The tofu was not boring at all and definitely full of flavor. Another great thing was it wasn't spicy either. Another bonus since my tolerance for spicy is much more on the mild side next to none lol.

Overall, great food as always. Satisfying and filling what more can I ask for.


Shanghai Restaurant
5471 Yonge Street
(close to Finch)


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