Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friendly House

It is indeed a Friendly House here.

At the corner of Yonge and Drewry lies a little restaurant where you can go in anytime for either breakfast, a burger or even souvlaki whatever you feel for all around the clock.

I have been here a few times and at at odd hours and their food has been great each and every single time.

Here was my dinner one night.

I got the chicken souvlaki with rice and salad. Look at the hearty portion. The plate was almost the size of the tray.

The meat was juicy and very delicious.

Can't go wrong here for a quick, cheap and very satisfying meal.


Friendly House
5908 Yonge Street
(Yonge & Drewry)

Friendly House Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Ugogurl said...

Good to know they are open 24/7 and located above Finch....Always hard to find food (healthy too) 24/7... McyD's is not for everyone lol

Late night eats for sure....

Eat Here Next said...

lol yea i ate too much mcd so no more for me

definitely a better choice for a late nite snack or meetup:)

Anonymous said...

Took my family for breakfast and the plates of eggs and bacon were saturated in oil and grease. Literally just ate the toast and left. Do not eat breakfast there if you want to avoid a cholesterol induced coma.

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