Monday, May 23, 2011

Yogurt Bar @ Menchie's


When I first heard this I had no clue what it was. Froyo is basically frozen yogurt.

At Menchie's it's all about the froyo. Even Hollywood is crazy about the yogurt bar as well.

The fun part is creating your dessert. The hard part is deciding what you want.

There are an array of toppings to choose from. From gummi bears to ju jubes to mochi to pineapple. Whatever tickles your taste buds.

On my first trip I was kinda greedy. I didn't realize they charged by the weight. I just grabbed a cup and pretty much filled it up. Look at the size of the cup I couldn't help myself. Just kept holding down the handle trying to circle the yogurt to fill up the cup as much as I could. Bad idea. Kept getting a brain freeze eating this whole thing.

Here was my first creation. Red velvet froyo mixed with birthday cake flavor and topped with skor, peanut butter chips, mochi and graham cracker crumbs. The froyo was sweet already added with the toppings it became even sweeter.

On my second trip I didn't make the same mistake. Here I filled it about a quarter of the cup with watermelon froyo topped with cheesecake bits and skor. I enjoyed the fruit flavor froyo more than my last choice. It was refreshing and a bit of yummy delights here and there.

Great concept. Fun to create but don't go overboard like I did the first time around unless you can finish it all before it melts.


9360 Bathurst Street
(close to Rutherford)

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