Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Bangkok in Markham

After our shoe shopping we were hungry.

Since I don't really know of any restos in Markham I texted a fellow foodie for some suggestions.

He highly recommended Little Bangkok. He said he found out about the place from a friend who was Thai. Well if that wasn't enough of a good reason what else is. So off we went to Bangkok since it was just a 5 minute drive from the shoe sale.

I don't know my way around Markham so at first I had no clue where Main Street was. I randomly turned on Markham Street and after checking my iPhone it looked like I was heading the right way after all.

The restaurant was hidden in a tiny plaza.

Funny how they placed the Canadian flag in the window display even though it's a Thai restaurant. Trying to show how patriotic they are I guess.

Here by the entrance was the wall of awards, minus the one in the bottom right hand corner displaying a cautionary warning about drinking.

Some figurines near the entrance as well.

While perusing through the menu, my friend kept saying no spicy food. Hahaha yes it's the same one from my Restoran Malayasia post. She must think I'm evil or something that I might trick her and order a spicy dish. Nevertheless, we did not order anything spicy at all.

We ordered the chicken satay (s'tay gai) which was recommended by my foodie friend. It was thin strips of barbequed chicken marinated in coconut milk with a pinch of curry powder served with the house special peanut sauce. It was mind-blowingly good. It was sweet and the chicken was cooked perfectly. You can see the grill marks in the meat and that beautiful glistening shine of the caramelized sauce. We also noticed a lot of the other patrons had order this as well. Definitely a must have here.

Next is the tamarind beef curry (gang mussaman nuer) which was beef, potatoes, onions and peanuts cooked in coconut cream and flavored with Thai curry paste and tamarind. We had also ordered a bowl of steamed coconut rice (khao mun) to eat with this dish.

At first when it arrived I was quite disappointed by the size. My first thought was "That's it???". I thought we would needed to order more food but I was wrong. Surprisingly it was quite filling. Maybe it was the sweetness on top of sweetness. The beef was tender and paired perfectly well with the rice.The coconut rice was addicting. It was well prepared and the aroma of the coconut was intoxicating. Funny thing is I don't normally like coconut unless it's coconut juice. But this was delicious.

Here was the pad thai with shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, peanuts, egg, tofu and green onion in tamarind sauce. I thought this was just mediocre. I prefer the pad thai at Khao San Road. When I ate that I just wanted more. This dish here wasn't bad but it just wasn't spectacular.

I ended up ordering the Thai chicken curry (gang par gai) for takeout for my boyfriend. It was chicken breast cooked with lime leaves, lemon grass, bamboo shoots, eggplant, green beans and Thai sweet basil seasoned with red curry paste. I chose this dish for him since there was no coconut cream in it so it would taste more savory rather than sweet. The bad thing was the portion was too small nonetheless, he enjoyed it but just needed a bigger portion.

The food was yummy and I definitely would return again to try out the other dishes. Thanks Alfonso for the great recommendation:)


227 Main Street
(b/n Hwy 7 & 16th)

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