Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wedding @ Old Mill Inn & Spa

I went to the Old Mill Inn & Spa to attend a friend's wedding. I have to say normally wedding food isn't so great but here it was actually pretty good.

I have never been to the Old Mill before but I was shocked to see that it was a pretty huge place especially considering the location. It's hidden behind trees and it's a pretty secluded area. I was even more surprised to see that there were like 10 weddings happening all at the same time. Everywhere you looked you would see either the bride or groom taking pictures.

The reception was held in the Kingsbrook room.

As you know with any wedding it never starts at the time specified. Luckily unlike other weddings where you have to wait for waiters to bring the hor d'oeuvres here we were able to go and get our own plate of food. Here we have a few slices of prosciutto, some cheese and bruschetta bread with salsa. It was delicious and very satisfying. Think I had two plates of this and had to stop since I was getting a bit full and the real food didn't even come out yet.

First course was pasta. I personally like the ravioli more than the penne.

Here was veal tenderloin, chicken and some veggies. The tenderloin was superb. Tender, succulent and gratifying. The chicken I found to be dry so I only took 2 bites of it.

At this point I was pretty full already and was surprised to see that there was still more food to come. Here was scallops, shrimp and a side of salad. It was delicious.

The fruit plate was colorful and yummy. I tried the passionfruit and it was extremely tart. Not my fave fruit on the plate.

Lastly was the tiramisu. The cake was divine but there was an overload of cream.

Overall the food was great. Wonder how the regular menu is.

Best wishes to the happy couple hope their life is filled with sweetness each and every day:)

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