Monday, May 16, 2011

Brunch Tweetup @ La Bamboche

Did you know that La Bamboche now serves brunch? I am already in love with their macarons and to discover that they now serve brunch I couldn't wait to try it out.

They have a prix fixe brunch menu where you receive an entree, one drink and a dessert from the Chef's daily selection. All for $16.95 + HST. Great deal.

I have only been to the location at Manor Road and all I tried so far were their macarons. Sweet little colorful yummy delights. Possibly the best macarons in the city. Ask Amy aka @lu_amy7, a fellow foodie who I met on Twitter who is a huge, HUGE fan of La Bamboche. I think she should be the ambassador for that place. If you read her blog you will agree with me as well. Click here to check out her food blog.

Amy was the one who organized the brunch tweetup. I couldn't believe that the twtvite filled up so quickly. Guess I'm not the only one who likes brunch as well.

I was the first one to arrive and I thought I was going to be late too with the rainy weather and all. Later on everyone else soon followed.

We received a few complimentary croissants while we waited for everyone to arrive. The outer layer was crispy and flaky while the inside was fluffy and buttery good.

Finally the food.

Everyone ended up ordering the poached eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce atop of toasted brioche.

The only exception was Alfonso who wanted to be different and got the poached eggs benedict. We all wanted some sort of protein which is why we all opted for the salmon but later I found out that the benedict came with bacon. I clearly remember there was no mention of bacon whatsoever which was why I chose the salmon as well. Nevertheless, it was delicious.

Here was the side of organic salad with citrus thyme vinaigrette and roasted baby potatoes.

For dessert we had the option of a lemon tart or a green tea cake. Guess what I chose. Of course the green tea cake since I am not a fan of citrus flavor. It was decadent. Light and airy and not overly sweet at all. Just pure perfection.

Of course I had to get at least one macaron since I was there so I got the mystery macaron. Unfortunately, my taste buds failed me and I still don't know what the mystery flavor was. All I know was that there was some sort of alcohol in it. None of the staff even knew too.The owner wouldn't even tell me either. He claimed only the chef knew. Evil, evil man.

Here are some other goodies on display.

Are you drooling yet? If not, here comes the macarons.

They also now serve cupcakes as well.

Amy got the mango one and she said it was yummy.

They even serve ice cream as well but it's an exclusive brand which is sold at a few selected stores. The name is Greg's Ice Cream. They have one location downtown along Spadina. The owner was nice enough to give me a sample of one of the bestsellers which was the roasted marshmallow. OMG!!! It actually tasted like roasted marshmallow. I was fascinated that they were able to incorporate the roasted flavor into the ice cream. So cool and unique. I never tried that kind of ice cream flavor before. Definitely a must try here. I even got to try the chocolate as well. It was delish.

Also I finally got to meet the person behind the twitter account for Bamboche (@labambocheTO). She was truly an amazing woman. She just completed the GoodLife marathon yet exhausted as she was she still made the effort to swing by and say hi to us. Definitely add her if you are on twitter. She always has some sweet tweets that make you wanna instantly head down to Bamboche.

I want to thank Amy for organizing an amazing brunch tweetup. Also want to say that it was great meeting everyone (@msgfonz, @mgip, @oakleyinc, @omakase_ninja, @soda_ninja, @chrisunagi, @oneglance and @phoenixragezero ). All great tweeps so add them if you're on twitter. Also want to thank the staff, chef and owner for their hospitality and for the yummy food. Had a blast and can't wait to return again.

P.S. I still want @oneglance's awesome sword-brella. Wished I took a pix of that.


1712 Avenue Road
(close to Lawrence)

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Anonymous said...

Great review, Karen! I'm glad you enjoyed this tweetup :) I'm happy to know that everyone had a great time and the staff really worked hard to accommodate us. Props to the pastry chef and owner as well. Yay, La Bamboche love is spreading!

Eat Here Next said...

thx for organizing Amy...gotta return soon & try out more cakes...i wanna be like you and eat every flavor they have to offer:)

kiki's B.F.F said...

Great post, still have to head down for all the yummy dessert =P

if you liked Greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream, you'll have to go try Ed's Burnt Marshmallow, it's one of my fave ice cream ever

Sylvia said...

Looks SO good, I do need to try this place!!!

Eat Here Next said...

@kiki Ed's is already on my list just havent had the chance yet since it's so out of the way:(

@sylvia yes go NOW!!! love their macarons & the green tea cake is a must have

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