Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friendly House

It is indeed a Friendly House here.

At the corner of Yonge and Drewry lies a little restaurant where you can go in anytime for either breakfast, a burger or even souvlaki whatever you feel for all around the clock.

Five Guys is so Overrated

Really this is what people have been raving about?!

I decided to try out the burger at Five Guys since I saw so many people trying it.

I went to the Woodbridge location during the long weekend.

Surprisingly, there were quite a bit of people on Victoria Day. I think it's the location that brings in the people also with the fact that nothing else was really open.

The interior is red and white. There were bags of potatoes out on the floor so the fries were definitely not the frozen kind. But believe me not that great either. More on that later.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pure Rice @ Shinobu

I took my mommy to Shinobu for her birthday.

What a disappointment. I just couldn't wait to get the bill and leave.

First off we couldn't even find the restaurant. Kept looking for Shinobu but this is what we saw.

When we checked it was this place after all.

The restaurant is owned and operated by Japanese people. When we entered, the whole restaurant was filled with Japanese patrons except for one table. Let me point out the place was really tiny. There were only 5 tables in total which seated approximately 20 people or so. One chef and 2 waitresses.

I was excited since I thought the food must be good since it would be authentic Japanese cuisine. Also after perusing through the menu the prices were pretty high so it better be good for the price they charged. Boy was I crushed when the food arrived.

Yogurt Bar @ Menchie's


When I first heard this I had no clue what it was. Froyo is basically frozen yogurt.

At Menchie's it's all about the froyo. Even Hollywood is crazy about the yogurt bar as well.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joe's Hamburgers

EAT ME!!! That's what the burger said to me so I obligingly listened.

Oh-mi-god it was goooood.

I was craving for a burger so got my boyfriend to drive me to Joe's Hamburgers in Richmond Hill.

The owner recommended that I get the Big Joe's 8oz burger. Of course I had to add cheese and bacon to it. It's not a burger unless you have those 2 components on it. Not one or the other, BOTH. He told me not to order fries since the burger itself will be filling for me. Wow first time I heard someone telling me NOT to order fries rather than hearing "Would you like fries with that?".

Saturday, May 21, 2011

La Grill

My boyfriend has been raving about the chicken kebobs at La Grill so I finally made the trip to see what the fuss was all about.

You see he's a picky eater so if he likes something then it definitely is worth checking out.

La Grill serves up Lebanese food but with a bit of a Western twist on some of their traditional dishes.

We started off with the baba ghanoug which is made of eggplant, tahini, lemon juice and garlic served with warm pita. It was full of garlic flavor and pretty tasty.

The calamari was crispy and cooked perfectly. I really liked the seasoning. It was a perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness. I never tasted sweet calamari before and this was a hit. Wonder what was in the seasoning.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Bangkok in Markham

After our shoe shopping we were hungry.

Since I don't really know of any restos in Markham I texted a fellow foodie for some suggestions.

He highly recommended Little Bangkok. He said he found out about the place from a friend who was Thai. Well if that wasn't enough of a good reason what else is. So off we went to Bangkok since it was just a 5 minute drive from the shoe sale.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Iryewon Asian Fusion

Trying to catch up on my blog since been so busy at work so here is a quick post.

Me and my boyfriend were starving so we just picked a plaza and decided to give Iryewon a try.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Omakase Box

I won! I won! I WON!!!

Not only is twitter great for meeting new people but also for winning great stuff.

I saw a tweet from @omakase_ninja about the Egg Hunt contest. All you had to do was tweet the number of eggs you saw.

Nadege finally Opens in Rosedale

Woohoo! Nadege Patisserie is now much more closer to me than before.

Don't have to head all the way downtown anymore for their sweet confections.

The decor at this location is much more different from the Queen location. The brick walls make the place much more darker looking than compared to the bright white space downtown.

Because of the dim lighting my pictures didn't turn out as nice compared to my previous post on Nadege.

Guess what I bought this time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Me Va Me

Me Va Me. I am not making up some words here it's actually the name of a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Brunch Tweetup @ La Bamboche

Did you know that La Bamboche now serves brunch? I am already in love with their macarons and to discover that they now serve brunch I couldn't wait to try it out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


This was the first thing that caught my eye when I entered the restaurant. I was tempted to snatch the plate and run right back out but my stomach whined for real food instead.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dim Sum was Legen__Dary

Who doesn't love dim sum. If you don't know what it is then boy have you been missing out.

For those of you who have no clue what I am referring to it's basically a bunch of dishes with small portions of Chinese food. Small but really tasty dishes that is.

Live and Breathe

Once again I bought another voucher. Man I'm going broke from all these deal sites yet I just can't pass up on a good deal. Especially when it's food related^_^

Before I even purchased the voucher I read that LAB aka Live and Breathe was suppose to be some sort of molecular cuisine. That was the reason I bought the voucher in the first place. The menu was enticing coupled with some great reviews I was sold. However, the menu appeared to have change from when I previously viewed it. Regardless, the food was outstanding even if it didn't involve molecular gastronomy.

I arrived pretty early so I took advantage of the empty place and snapped some photos.

This wall was cute. Guess this was the part that involved a bit of science although don't know if this actually meant anything. Sorry I don't remember my science or chemistry class lol they were my least favorite subjects in school.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Dinner @ Gonoe Sushi

I found out the day before that my mommy was free for dinner. Unfortunately trying to make last minute dinner reservations for Mother's Day was almost next to impossible.

I called several places and they were all booked. I searched on Urbanspoon and came across Gonoe Sushi. I have never been there before so I tried giving them a call. I was thrilled that they were able to fit us in.

It was a cute cozy restaurant. We were seated across from the sushi bar since my mommy didn't want to sit in the enclosed room. She said she felt trapped lol. Well it was her day so she can do anything she wants.

We were given complimentary grilled salmon head to start off with. It was delicious and even better that it was free so great start so far.

Scrumptious Brunch @ Marben

Been eyeing the french toast at Marben for quite some time now and finally got to make the trip downtown.

Since I was there early I went to the washroom to wash my hands. The decor in the washroom was interesting. This tree caught my eye. I couldn't help but touch it to see if it was made of real wood. Honestly I couldn't really tell.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shanghai Pt 2

Here's a quick post since it was just a midnite snack although to some it may be a huge meal. Ok it is more than a snack.

My boyfriend was hungry so we went out somewhere close to home for a quick bite. He was craving for fluke sashimi but since it was close to midnight we did not have many options available. Most of the places we went to they were either closed or did not have what he wanted.

We finally gave up and just went to one of our usual spots for a quick bite.

Normally at Shanghai we would order the jajangmyun but I wanted to try a new dish.

Here was the complimentary banchan. The kimchi was fresh and wasn't marinated too long so it didn't have that strong pungent vinegary taste.

Cafe du Lac

On Urbanspoon, out of 104 votes only 50% of the people actually liked Cafe du Lac. Not so great. Against the reviews I wanted to go see for myself. Mostly because when I glanced at the menu my eyes went straight to the short rib poutine with foie gras. Even better when there was a deal for it so I was still excited to try it out despite the negative reviews.

Wow I should have listened for once. It really was pretty bad.

Let me just warn you first. The pictures may appear
mouthwatering but in reality they did not taste as great as it looked. In this case, looks are really deceiving.

The place is cozy and I like the little blue pillows on the seat which gives the place a nice pop of color.

Here was the complimentary onion bun with truffle butter. This was nice. The bread was fluffy and once I teared it apart there was steam coming out of it. Once the butter touched the bun it melted quickly into the pores of the bun. It was luscious. Great start so far however, after this sadly it was just downhill.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Short & Sweet Cupcakes

Short & Sweet Cupcakes is a hidden store along a side street off of Avenue Road. There is hardly any parking available but do be warn NEVER PARK in the driveway of the animal clinic right next to it otherwise the owner will FREAK OUT on you.

I was there literally 2 minutes. I went in and grabbed my cupcakes quickly and ran back out. She yelled at me for parking in her driveway. I get that it's her space but come on I wasn't even parked for more than a couple minutes.

Sorry just had to point that out now back to the cupcakes.

With its hot pink and white color scheme, this little shop is adorable. Once you enter you can't help but giggle like a schoolgirl when you see all the pretty cupcakes on display.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Think it's giving me the CLAW!!!

I remember my very first trip to The Lobster Trap.

Me and my boyfriend were so excited to feast on a 7lb lobster. Yes I said 7lbs and it was pure crustacean joy. We couldn't believe it ourselves.

Unfortunately nowadays think old age has hit me or my body is punishing me and I can't enjoy eating lobsters the same way I used to. My body just rejects it.

To celebrate my boyfriend's birthday we all went to the Lobster Trap. Great for them but major food tease for me:(

Once you enter you can see the pool of lobsters floating about. I wonder if the decor on the wall are real actual lobster shells. Should have inspected it closer.

Here was a tank of the invertebrates all bunched together.

Here is one angry looking lobster. Then again he has good reason to be angry.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wedding @ Old Mill Inn & Spa

I went to the Old Mill Inn & Spa to attend a friend's wedding. I have to say normally wedding food isn't so great but here it was actually pretty good.

I have never been to the Old Mill before but I was shocked to see that it was a pretty huge place especially considering the location. It's hidden behind trees and it's a pretty secluded area. I was even more surprised to see that there were like 10 weddings happening all at the same time. Everywhere you looked you would see either the bride or groom taking pictures.

The reception was held in the Kingsbrook room.

As you know with any wedding it never starts at the time specified. Luckily unlike other weddings where you have to wait for waiters to bring the hor d'oeuvres here we were able to go and get our own plate of food. Here we have a few slices of prosciutto, some cheese and bruschetta bread with salsa. It was delicious and very satisfying. Think I had two plates of this and had to stop since I was getting a bit full and the real food didn't even come out yet.

Restoran Malayasia

During the drive to Restoran Malayasia my friend constantly kept reminding me that she cannot eat anything spicy. Even when we were seated at the restaurant she had to say it again lol. Got the memo the first time K:P

At the entrance this smiling Buddha caught my eye. Every time I see a happy Buddha makes me want to rub the belly for good luck hehe.

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