Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shanghai Restaurant

Located along Yonge Street south of Finch, Shanghai Restaurant is the best place to go to for noodles with black bean sauce. Normally I head to Sunny Dragon for the noodles because of convenience since I can't parallel park but when I go with my boyfriend he loves to drive to Shanghai restaurant.

This restaurant is a Chinese-Korean fusion cuisine. Think the owners are Koreans since the patrons are mostly Koreans. The decor is very simple and basic. Fridays and Saturdays the restaurant is opened late till 2am in the morning.

There's more to this menu but since we only ordered 2 dishes I only snapped a picture of the page we were ordering from. We ordered #40 which is jajangmyun, stir fried noodles with black bean sauce, beef and seafood and #51 is a seafood noodle soup. I'm not sure what the Korean name is for the noodle soup but it was delicious. The soup is thick. It looks like the Chinese corn and egg drop soup but more tastier and flavorful.

As for the black bean noodles mmm mmm good as always. It never disappoints. The noodles for both dishes were freshly made not the ones you find in packages. An added bonus. It may not look so pretty in the picture but it definitely taste better than it looks.


Shanghai Restaurant
5471 Yonge Street
(close to Finch)

Shanghai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Maggie said...

why is it called Shanghai restaurant? I thought it would be chinese/shanghai food lol so weird! both of those look so yummy make me want to try too, but 2 noodles dishes cost $30? seems pricey

Karen Ling said...

yea the name boggled my mind too lol

no it's very reasonable...the black bean noodles was a family sized dish so it could feed a family of 4...had to doggie bag it and ate it for lunch the next was still yummy:)

Karen Ling said...

besides it was yummy so worth every penny

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