Sunday, February 20, 2011

La Bamboche

Although there was a beautiful array of cakes on display I came specifically for the macarons today.

Hidden on a side street off of Yonge, La Bamboche Patisserie is another hidden gem in midtown Toronto.

They also have another location on Avenue Road as well.

La Bamboche offers a wide range of items from their home made jams to fresh quality made quiches to high-grade organic coffees.

There was this variety pack for $37. It seemed quite a bit to dish out at the moment especially since I should be saving money rather than splurging on these sugary confections so I decided to get a few flavors that were appealing to me.

There are a total of 12 flavors to choose from. I chose pretty much half the flavors available.

Amaretto, caramel sea salt, pistachio, creme de cassis which is black currant, ume & sake and mango green tea.

The ume & sake macaron is suppose to be pickled Japanese plum, sake and buttercream. It was delish.

My favorite out of the bunch is the pistachio. It was yummy in my tummy:)

For my next trip I want to try their ham & cheese croissant with smoked Virginia ham, Swiss cheese and bechamel sauce. Writing this is already making me itch to head back down there.


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