Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iron Cupcake

In May, I went to Liberty Village to check out the Iron Cupcake competition. This was my first time attending the event so I didn't know what to expect. The only thing I knew was that the secret ingredient was flowers so the competitors had to somehow incorporate it into their cupcakes.

Once I paid the $5 entry fee I was given a bottled water along with a plate with 5 mini cupcakes each placed on top of a number which was written on the plate. I was told that this was part of the cake tasting portion of the competition. There were a total of 15 competitors in the contest and each patron was given 5 flavors to taste. I assume 5 was more reasonable to taste than 15 because if we were to taste all 15 don't I think I would have been able to differentiate one from the other. The 5 that I sampled was already an overload to me.

The cupcakes that I was given to taste, starting clockwise with the cupcake with the lilac on top, were lavendar & lilac lady cake, Japanese sakura (cherry blossom) & matcha tea, lavendar & pansy, flower power with flowers lilac & daisy, and lastly, Persian L'amour which was orange, rose & cardamom cake with cream cheese frosting and toasted pistachios.

My favorite was number 9 the flower power. It tasted like chocolate cake filled with cream cheese in the centre. The purple buttercream icing I did not like but then again I am bias since I don't like buttercream icing at all. My least favorite was the sakura & matcha tea flavor. Since it contained tea I found it to be a tad bitter like the tea itself so it wasn't as appetizing as the chocolate flavored cupcake. As for the ones in between I'm not sure what flavor it was but it still was yummy.

We were also asked to vote on which display we thought was most appealing. I voted for this Hawaiian themed display since I love Hawaii but then again I like any tropical places with sunny blue skies and white sandy beaches. Now looking back at my pictures think I should have voted for the sakura & matcha tea display instead since there was a lot more effort used in that display with the origami paper and all. Oh well too late now to change my vote.

Even though the show didn't have as many competitors as I had hope but for $5 you get to taste 5 mini cupcakes and see 15 charming cupcake displays, so you can't really complain either.

The next competition is September 19 and the secret ingredient is Cheese. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend so hopefully I can go for the next competition.


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