Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nothing Beats a Home Cooked Meal

I went over to my in-laws yesterday for dinner to celebrate Korean thanksgiving which is known as Chusok.

I just love it when my in-laws calls us to come home for dinner. I have to admit my in-laws cook better than my very own mom. Sorry mommy. Luckily she doesn't read my blog.

My boyfriend's parents cooks the BEST Korean cuisine EVER. I mean EVERRRR. I'm not trying to be nice here or earn some brownie points with the in-laws since they also don't read my blog as well so I truly mean what I say.

Their food is prepared with passion and love. Cooking is their lifeline and they absolutely enjoy doing it. Some people cook to live. I think my in-laws live to cook. They used to own a restaurant but now they have retired and just cook for pleasure. Which is great for me. Less cooking for me and more great food to eat.

The bad part is it's always a feast at their home. This meal here is for ONLY me and my boyfriend since his parents ate already. Yes we sat there and devoured the food while they watched and kept refilling our plates with rice. I don't always eat this much but I just can't say no. I always have to wear my stretchy pants in order to consume all the food they prepare because I know my stomach will expand to the max. Gotta love my stretchy pants. This is the reason why I can't lose weight is because I can't resist my in-laws sumptuous cooked food and I always end up gormandizing everything that is thrown on my plate. My stomach still feels full just looking at the pictures of food.

Here is chive pancakes, BBQ pork ribs and fish cakes.

Also what Korean dinner would be complete without the abundance of side dishes aka banchan. Here we have kimchi, some marinated radish dish, pickled cucumbers, spinach and there's two dishes I don't know the name of nor can my boyfriend explain it to me either but it was all tasty. All made fresh by his parents. Nothing store bought here.

Even their dipping sauce was delicious as well. It's not your typical soya sauce. It consisted of garlic, chili pepper, sesame oil and a few other ingredients I just can't remember since I was too busy pigging out. Sorry.

My boyfriend's parents are perfectionists when it comes to cooking. They won't serve it if they have the slightest doubt that it doesn't taste good. Even the dipping sauces have to be spot on. That's how serious they are when it comes to cooking.

Can't wait for the next meal. Hope I have enough time to still digest last night's dinner.


Chee said...

the korean dishes loook soooooo good!! you definitely have to learn to make it for us one of these days! *drool*

bf? fiance dude ;) lol

Karen Ling said...

same thing don't have to get all technical here:P

so you do read my posts not just skim for pix

crazycoz said...

so this is all the food you were suppose to tupperware for me!!

Karen Ling said...

lol who said there were any leftovers:P

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