Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harlem Underground

I was watching the show Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network channel. I absolutely love that channel but I can't watch a single show without having some sort of snack on my lap because I always end up craving for something no matter what it is. Why is it on tv all food looks good enough to eat? Even something as simple as a burger can make me grab my keys and drive out in search of a burger joint.

If you haven't seen this show it's about Bobby challenging other cooks on their area of specialty. It can range from anything from pizzas to pad thais to sushi to falafel. The episode I was watching was about fried chicken and waffles. I have had waffles. I ate fried chicken before. But together I can't say I have.

It's funny how when I mentioned about fried chicken and waffles to my cousin she told me to buy KFC and a box of eggos lol. I retorted back it's not the same thing.

Once the show was over I was craving for fried chicken and waffles so I ended up googling in search for a place that served this combo. I landed on Harlem Underground. I took a quick browse through their menu and immediately added this to my list. I kept whining to my friend questioning her as to when we're going to satisfy my hunger and finally one day she said let's go. Thanks Susan for fulfilling my demanding cravings:)

Originally I wanted to go for brunch but it was only available on weekends so I settled for lunch. I just couldn't wait a few more days I wanted it NOW. After all the main reason why I came was for the Southern fried chicken and waffles and that was on the menu so lunch it is.

Aside from the house special we also ordered the smokey jalapeno BBQ ribs that a friend of mine recommended along with fish and chips.

Here is the food. Doesn't it look so good you want to reach out and grab it??? Well that's how I feel whenever I see foodie pix or watch food shows.

Let's start off with the dish a friend of mine recommended, the smokey jalapeno bbq ribs. It was finger licking goooood. Savory, tender and with a bit of a kick. Thanks Viv for the awesome recommendation:)

Next is the catfish in red stripe batter with sweet potato fries. The catfish was scrumptious. The outside was crispy and the inside was warm tender pieces of fish. I don't really eat catfish much but this I will eat any day. The fries on the other hand wasn't as great. It wasn't hot nor was it warm and the texture was just soft and some were a bit on the mushy side. I like my fries crispy so this wasn't up to my standard however the catfish made up for it.

Lastly, Harlem's fav southern fried chicken and waffles with a chipotle-corriander-maple syrup and gravy. The chicken was crispy with some sort of herbed seasoning. It was good but would've been even better if it was hot instead of warm. The waffles was a huge disappointment. It was just plain waffles and it wasn't even hot. I thought there would have been some sort of flavor or special mix to the batter but it was just plain old waffles. The maple syrup added some sweetness but then if I wanted plain waffles I could've just bought a box of eggo waffles and put it in the toaster myself. At least it would be hot.

It's funny I came to this restaurant for the chicken and waffles but it didn't wow me at all the way I thought it would be. However, the other companions turned out excellent and made me want to return to try the remaining items on the menu.

Don't know if I will return for the sweet potato waffle that I had my eye on at brunch but will definitely return to try the other items such as the BBQ pulled pork sandwich or the jerk chicken sandwich.

The grand total came out to be around $40. Pretty good for 2 people and we were stuffed so sadly no dessert. Also we had plans to go out for dinner as well on the same day so had to save my stomach for it.

I highly recommend heading to the Underground for some great comfort food just don't order their chicken and waffles.


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Chee said...

The pictures look so good! Makes me want to go here again for actual brunch next time! =) Good find Ling!

Karen Ling said...

yes gotta make another trip=D

SpatulaGeek said...

So disappointed about the chicken and waffles. :~( I heard that 'The Stockyard' also has their take on chicken and waffles.

I was almost finish commenting on your hana-bi posting when this link caught my eye. I really want to try this place but totally forgot about it until the link for this post. Thanks for reminding me! 8)

SpatulaGeek said...

Just looking at the Family Style menu and it some realy comfy soul food! Ahhh yeah!;)

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