Sunday, September 19, 2010

For the Love of Cake

For the Love of Cake is by far my favorite cupcake boutique. Once you enter the shop you are bombarded with the scent of freshly baked cupcakes. I was in awe at the range of flavors that was on display. I felt like a kid at a toy store that didn't know what they wanted but just had to have everything.

I've been to the Cupcake Shoppe along Yonge and I was extremely disappointed with what I saw. First of all the only cake flavors they offered were vanilla, chocolate and marble. Unlike the shop in Liberty Village, For the Love of Cake has 24 cake flavors to choose from. From spice cake to red velvet cake to almond flavored cake to ginger cupcake. Also the midtown shop mostly has buttercream icing and I just absolutely hated it. At first I wasn't sure if I liked buttercream but after sampling the cupcakes I knew it wasn't for me. It also didn't taste like the flavor that it represented. For example, the Curious George which was either vanilla or chocolate cake topped with banana buttercream. Well, that buttercream did not taste like banana at all it was just plain cream.

I ended up buying a 12-pk of the junior cupcakes at For the Love of Cake since I wanted to try a bit of everything. I also bought a 6-pk of regular cupcakes since there were still more flavors to try. Here are the flavors starting from left to right at the top: Black & White, Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon (which is suppose to be a mancake hence the bacon...yes that is bacon on a cupcake), Chocolate Hazelnut (my fav.), Death by Chocolate, Japanese Ginger, Rum & Coke, Guinness Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, Stout Spice, Lemon Meringue and PB & C (peanut butter & chocolate).

The next picture are Japanese Ginger, Strawberry Shortcake, Red Velvet, Raspberry Rosewater, Tiramisu and Stout Spice.

I also bought 2 extra cupcakes so in total I spent $40 on these little sweet delights. So far so good. Worth every penny.

There were other flavors that weren't available that day so definitely have to make a second trip. Still would like to try Mochaccino, Caramel Apple, Grasshopper, Rocky Road, Cookies & Cream, Almond, Crazy Carrot, and Chocolate covered Banana.

So far I highly recommend the Chocolate Hazelnut. It is absolutely divine. It's a chocolate hazelnut flavoured cupcake filled with a creamy chocolate hazelnut ganache and topped with chocolate and a homemade hazelnut truffle. Just wished I grabbed a regular size rather than the junior. Man it taste so good have to return for more. Also the Tiramisu cupcake certainly taste like the flavor it claims to be. Just heavenly.

Can't wait to try the rest but will have to hit the gym after. Why is it that something that taste so good is so bad for you??!


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Chee said...

I love love LOVE For the Love of Cake!! The cupcakes are sooo good and I can't wait to make another trip there again. My faves are red velvet, hazelnut, and carrot so far *drool*

So when we making the next trip Karen? ;)

Karen Ling said...

u still have to try the grasshopper...absolutely fav

hmmm when are we going???

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