Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aren't these sooooo Cute??!

Why don't we have these in Toronto?! It looks adorable and irresistible. I believe Cake Pops are mostly sold through the internet. I am not creative and I really suck at baking so don't think I can create these delectable myself so wish there was a store that I can go to to purchase these cute little delights.

If you think you can create these cute yummy treats you should definitely go take a look at Bakerella. The people are so creative it's just astonishing what they can do with sticks, sprinkles and candies. Even their cupcakes are stunningly adorable to look at too.


Susan said...

They do look so cute and I actually had some cake pops at the wedding show in Ajax on Sunday - but they were square pieces. Pretty interesting. Hugs.....S>

Karen Ling said...

awwww I'm sooo jealous I want some cake pops too:(

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