Sunday, September 19, 2010

Holy Veal

I did a little shopping at Sherway Gardens a few weeks ago. After the mall was closed I was famished so decided to eat somewhere close by.

We ended up going to The Grille which was located along the Queensway.

We ordered the chicken quesadilla as a starter and I ordered the veal sandwich with poutine as my entree and my boyfriend had the special which was a full rack of ribs along with coleslaw and rice.

This is how my entree looked. OMG!!! It was humongous. Wished I didn't order the appetizer had I known the portions were this big. Then again the appetizer was pretty big should have seen it coming but I was too hungry to care. I always order with my eyes rather than my stomach. My philosophy is it's always better to leave with a full stomach rather than a half full stomach otherwise will have the munchies later. But then it explains why I just can't seem to shed these extra pounds. Needless to say I was no longer starving. I had to pack the leftovers in a brown bag which sadly was pretty much the whole sandwich but at least I finished the poutine. It sure was yummy.

My boyfriend inhaled his full rack of ribs. He didn't get as full as quickly as I did so he didn't have any doggie bag.

The food here was good and they definitely are very generous with their portions so I would recommend this restaurant to anybody who has a big appetite and want more bang for their buck.


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