Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life is Sweet

I bought a voucher from Livingsocial to spend at Life is Sweet. $15 for $30 worth to spend at the shop.

I have been to this place on 2 separate occasions so far and both I had different experiences.

My very first time there was on a Saturday afternoon. My friend and I had a taping to attend to but since it was along the way we decided to make a "quick" stop by the cupcake shop since I rarely travel to the Beaches area. Let's just say it wasn't as quick as I had hope it would be.

Since my friend used to live in the area I assumed she would be familiar with the streets so instead of trusting my google map I relied on her to provide me with directions.

Boy, that was the wrong move.

The shop was located on Queen Street East close to Victoria Park.

We were heading east on Queen until we past Woodbine then my friend noted that Victoria Park should be coming up next.

I assumed it wasn't far away so decided to look for parking. It was such a pain looking for parking. Every side street was lined up with cars. Finally ended up parking along a side street about a 10 minute walk back to Queen Street.

Once we reached Queen Street I noticed that the store numbers were in the 2000s. The address for the cupcake place is 2328 Queen Street East. We were about 300 stores away.

So we decided to walk since it was tough already just searching for parking.

Another bad decision made.

It took us about 20 minutes to walk to the store. On a normal day where we don't have any other plans it would have been fine but on a day where we have a show to attend to not the best move.

When we finally arrived at Life is Sweet our mood was up again at the sight of all the sugary confections.

We ordered one of everything but sadly one of the flavors was not available. The person who served us told us it would be ready in an hour if we really wanted that item, but I complained that we had a show to go to and it was a far walk from our car due to somebody's sense of direction.

The lady was extremely nice and ended up giving us some free cupcakes just for our troubles.

In total we got 8 regular cupcakes and 15 mini cupcakes. The value of the voucher was $30 (but we paid $15) so I believed the total should have came to about $38 but she was kind enough not to charge us for the difference. She was very friendly and helpful that it definitely made me want to return again even though I live all the way up north.

On our second trip however, the person who helped us wasn't as friendly as the other server we had. First we had to ask what flavors they had and she appeared a bit irritated by our question. She didn't smile as much like the other person nor was she helpful at all. This time around we ordered 2 dozen mini cupcakes asking for two of each cupcake flavor. When we got home we realized that she didn't grab what we had asked for. We were missing a few flavors. We also ordered a shortbread cookie with apricot filling, another filled with raspberry filling and a cheddar cheese scone. All 3 were yummy. Wished I got more of it.

Aside from the differing customer service, the cupcakes were delicious. My favorite was the chocolate mint. My friend's favorite was the Earl Grey tea with some sort of orange frosting. My other friend she favored the butterscotch over the rest. The cake itself was moist and delightful but I found the flavor derived mostly from the frosting. Together in one bite it was divine.

If you're ever in the Beaches area definitely stop by this delectable shop and it will surely sweeten your day:)

Hope you get the friendlier person to serve you and maybe she will offer you a free treat as well.


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