Tuesday, September 21, 2010

398 West

A few weeks ago me and my boyfriend celebrated our monthly anniversary at 398 West.

It's a Kosher restaurant located in midtown right next to The Eglinton Grand. It was both our first time at this restaurant so we were looking forward to trying it out. Also once again I was watching Toronto Dining and this establishment was featured on the show and left me craving for their food.

We arrived at the restaurant at 6:30pm and the place was empty except for two tables. First of all, standing outside the restaurant we assumed the place would be small but once we entered the place we were surprised to see it was actually larger than what we thought it would be. Shows you how looks can be deceiving. Never judge a book by its cover. With towering ceilings and a contemporary decor it was definitely not plain and simple inside as it was outside.

After browsing through the menu we finally decided to order the forest mushroom bisque with truffle essence and snipped chives, boneless whole cornish hen stuffed with wild rice, barley, walnuts, craisins, orange turnip and roasted beets, beef crossrib slow-cooked with caramelized Cippolini onions and truffled Yukon mash, and braised lamb shanks with minted new potatoes, bourbon squash, long beans, sauteed greens and natural jus. The only picture I'm missing of is the soup because we were starving and just couldn't wait but I did take at photo of the remaining three which is the most important of all.

Everything was scrumptious. The soup was full of mushroom flavors. The chicken was undeniably moist and juicy. It was the best chicken I had EVER had. It was cooked to perfection. Not a single part of it was dry or grainy at all. The lamb was extremely tender but the sauce was a tad too sweet. My boyfriend enjoyed the meat but not the sauce since he isn't a fan of meat with sweet sauces. The crossrib was also succulent but once again the sauce was a bit too sweet even for me. Even the complimentary bread and pate was also delicious as well.

After we inhaled our food we noticed that the place was partially full. Don't know where the people came from. One minute it was practically empty and the next almost packed. Guess we went a good time.

The grand total came to approximately $115. I think it was worth it. Amazing food, modern and hip atmosphere and friendly staff. It's a winner in my books. Wonder what other Kosher restaurants I should try???



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