Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guu is Guud

I found out about Guu from watching the show Toronto Dining. It looked interesting so thought I would give it a try.

Unfortunately on my first trip I didn't realize that they didn't serve lunch so I had to make another trip. I ended up going on a Friday night. I got there at 6pm and the place opened at 5pm yet there was already a long line of people waiting outside. I ended up waiting for an hour before my name finally got called out. Wow I have never waited for more than 10 minutes for a table before so I was having pretty high expectations for this place.

I have to say it was worth the wait. I highly recommend this place. The atmosphere felt like I was at a house party just hanging out with friends. It's funny while we were waiting in line outside we heard a lot of noises inside which sounded like there was huge party going on but when we finally got to enter the restaurant it was actually the chefs, cooks and wait staff that was making all that noise.

Anyways me and my friend ended up ordering 7 dishes and the bill came to a total of $50 which wasn't too shabby at all.

Here are pictures of the dishes I had. The top picture is some sort of salad with salmon, some sticky soybean, daikon radish, seaweed and some other veggies. It was one of my favourite dishes if you don't mind the gooey texture. My friend didn't agree with me though her so guess it all depends on personal taste.

Here from left to right are deep fried pumpkin croquette with a boiled egg inside and grilled oysters with spinach, garlic mayo and cheese.

Here from left to right are deep fried octopus balls served with tonkatsu sauce and mustard mayo, and scallops.

Last but not least is dessert. Deep fried banana tempura with coconut ice cream dressed with chocolate and mango sauce. Mmmmmm I'm drooling all over again just looking at the pictures. Very decent prices and pretty good portions and delicious food definitely would return again to try out the rest of the dishes hopefully won't have to wait an hour again.


398 Church Street
(b/n Carlton & Gerrard)

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