Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cake Heaven

During the spring I attended the Cake Show at the Artscape Wychwood Barns. The categories for this year's show was Wedding Cakes and Celebration Cakes. I have never ever been surrounded by so many beautiful cakes all at once in my entire life. It was just overwhelming. Felt like I died and went to cake heaven.

I paid $10 for admission which goes towards to The Stop Community Food Centre.
Once I entered, I had no idea which way to go. Every table was swarmed with people with cameras attached to their hands snapping photos away. I instinctively grabbed my camera and walked quickly to the nearest table I saw with an opening. I immediately started taking picture after picture till I finally made it to all the tables. I didn't even know what I was snapping of most of the time, except that it was all cakes, just kept flashing away nonstop. Saw a cake, flash, another cake, flash, another one, flash, on and on.

Once I was done then I made another round and actually admired all the artwork. For once it was nice to be able to enjoy the show rather than watching it through the lens of my camera, which is what mostly happens at concerts and shows. What can I say I love to take photographs because I believe that when I am old I won't have anything left but my pictures to remember the moments. I'm pretty sure my memory will be pretty much useless when I'm old since right now I can't even remember things sometimes. It's hard enough trying to remember what I ate yesterday forget thinking bout 10 or so years down the line.

All the patrons were given a piece of paper to cast their vote on which cake they thought had the best design or was a work of art. I was stumped. I couldn't choose since I had several favorites.So I attempted to narrow it down to 4 but then found out 2 of them were for another category which made it a bit more easier for me.

Here were the 2 cakes I really liked. I really love the butterfly cake because it's colorful and fun looking as for the other cake it looks like pillows from genie in a bottle or something. Love the purple and pink theme colors. I was very tempted to grab the blue cupcake but then restrained myself since didn't want to ruin the cake decorator's hard work and also because there was a person guarding the table and making sure people like me won't touch it.

Here were the other 2 cakes that I really admired. Just look at the artwork it's truly exquisite and difficult to believe that it is edible. I wonder how long it took to create this magnificent work of art. You have to possess a steady hand and an artistic flair for this impeccable creation.

The event also hosted a cupcake challenge where 3graduatesfrom the Bonnie Gordon School intern programme create little works of art with these popular miniature cakes. Can't remember who the winner was but the cupcakes sure looked yummy.

Another event which was my favorite was the cake tasting. You pay $2 and you get to sample 4 different cakes and then cast your vote as to which do you think is the yummiest. Such a great price and who can say no to cakes. I was rooting for this cake which had chocolate icing on top and peanut butter in between the layers along with this crunchy texture which I am certain is not peanuts since it tasted either like wafers or rice krispies but still not quite sure what it was.

I took like 200 pictures so going to only display a few more pictures here.

Overall, this was my first time to the show and definitely not my last. It was truly amazing to witness how artistic people can be and transforming their visions into a cake. Can't wait to see what they have in store for the next show!!!


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