Sunday, September 19, 2010

$25 Lollipops??!

What do Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Mel B and PCD have in common? They are all suckers. Suckers for their own lollipops that is. They all possess their own flavor for the Signature Series Couture Lollipop at Sugar Factory located in sin city Vegas.

Couture lollipop? Guess fashion doesn't just apply to clothing and accessories anymore it now expands to candy. A very expensive one indeed. Maybe call it high end candy. It's definitely not your typical blow pop.

It's just candy on an admittedly-fun, bedazzled stick with a round plastic cover-up case. Nothing else. No flashlight, coin purse or mini calculator or anything useful just candy on a stick, a very expensive stick that is.

$25 for candy on a crystal encrusted stick is unbelievable. The things people come up with but then again there are those willing to pay for it.

I don't know if I can eat the lollipop knowing it cost that much. After I'm done with the candy do I just toss away the bejeweled handle? Seems like such a waste or do I buy it and just keep it as a souvenir? For display only.

Wonder how Scary Spice's lollipop will taste.

Would you spend $25 for a lollipop? A Couture Lollipop to be exact?


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