Monday, September 20, 2010

Fred's Definitely Not Here

I went to Fred's Not Here for summerlicious and boy was I disappointed.

I wanted to try out this restaurant because the menu had a lot more options than what the other restaurants were offering and from reading it it sounded pretty good. Boy was I so wrong. More doesn't always mean better.

I went with 5 other friends. The plan was dinner and concert. By the way it was a Lady GAGA concert and I just have to say she was AMAAAAAAAZING!!!!!! Sorry off topic here but I just love her music.

Now back to my review. This was all the way in the summer so kinda sketchy on the details here but will try my best to remember.

We ordered crab and lobster soup, seafood spaghetti, steak with Duck Yukon gold frites, grilled whole Branzino and the mushroom risotto with truffle oil.

Sorry I only took 2 pictures because well the others weren't even worth a shot. Guess that's how much I didn't like the food. So here is the lobster spaghetti and grilled Branzino. Doesn't really look that appetizing does it.

Overall the food was just ok. There was seasoning, unlike Stonegrill, however just didn't have that pizazz I was expecting.

Guess whoever wrote up the menu did a good job at making it sound tasty and inviting but the cook just couldn't deliver to fulfill my expectation.

Now my only issue with this restaurant was when it came to desserts. We saw this flourless chocolate belgium cake on the menu and instantly we all knew what we wanted for dessert. Unfortunately, due to an error on the menu the dessert was not suppose to even be on the list.

We were extremely disappointed since we had our hearts set on this decadent cake. The waitress was extremely apologetic and offered to speak with the manager to see if anything can be done. However, the manager didn't display the similar regretful feelings as the waitress when he approached our table. He just said in a cool tone that it's not on the menu and that we can only choose what is on the other menu. First of all it's not our fault a different menu was given to us. Secondly they should hold up their end and give us what is presented on the menu. If they can't do that at least show that you are regretful that you can't fulfill our request. Don't be rude about it since we are the customers after all. Also it was a party of 5. Doesn't he know that referrals are what restaurants strive on. So 5 people with 5 mouths imagine how word will spread quickly about an awful experience or the fact that I will be blogging about it.

Basically I would never return to Fred's Not Here ever again nor recommend it to my friends. Not only was the food just below par but the service was what ended it for me.


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Chee said...

This place was definitely a miss...dude, you missed a person! I'm curious to see who you blocked out of your memory ;) It was a party of let's see if you can name the names =P muwhahaha

Karen Ling said...

lol ur rite hahaha think I forgot to add myself:)

Karen Ling said...

ok now it's correct;)

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