Monday, September 20, 2010

Deep FRiEd Butter Balls

Yes you read it correctly. Deep fried BUTTER balls. At first I was disgusted when I heard about these high calorie treats but when I was at C.N.E. this year I just couldn't help myself after seeing this huge line for these killer balls. My curiosity got the best of me. Just had to try it out to see what the hype was all about.

At Sweet Treats, they have only 4 items on the menu yet I waited in line for HALF an hour. I am still shocked that I even line up for these ridiculously fattening treats. The 4 items were twinkie log, deep fried mars bar, bacon covered in chocolate and of course the main attraction, deep fried butter balls.

First up is the twinkie log. I took one bite and threw the rest away. I don't even like twinkies but I just love chocolate covered peanuts. Makes me think of the ice cream drumsticks. I only like the outer layer but once that is gone I don't seem to enjoy it as much anymore. Even though this looked like a drumstick however it definitely wasn't as good as the ice cream. This to me was a dried up twinkie covered with chocolate and peanuts. It wasn't very pleasing to eat at all.

The deep fried butter ball is basically butter covered in funnel cake batter and then deep fried quickly before the butter has a chance to melt and then topped with swirls of either vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or carmel sauce and dusted with icing sugar. When I took my first bite I was wondering how much my life span just got reduced by yet at the same time I was surprised to have found that it tasted delicious. Guess the thought of eating fried butter along with the unhealthy factors was horrifying but when it came to actually eating it I have to admit it was pretty good. Then again who doesn't like butter and funnel cake. I'm sure you're thinking I'm crazy but think about it. You dip lobster or crab in a bowl of liquid butter, eat cakes, shortbread practically any pastry item which also contains butter so who hasn't ate a stick of butter just mostly not in it's true form. Ok that's my logic but maybe doesn't sound so convincing after all. Oh well I stand by my decision and it was a hit but would I buy it again next year probably not. Once is enough for me. I need to save my stomach for the rest of the places on my list.


Here are some facts I found interesting from thestar. The things people do. Can't believe I am part of the statistics.

Deep fried butter balls at CNE

- 36,000 butter balls sold
- 9,000 orders taken
- 4 balls per order
- $5 per order
- 800 lbs of fried butter eaten
- 315 calories per order


Chee said...

you only took 1 bite of the twinkie and threw the rest away? =O what a waste!! but then again, you probably saved yourself 5 years =P

i tried the butter balls too >< totally a gimmick but had see what all the hype was about =P

Karen Ling said...

i know lol

didn't you try the bacon covered chocolate too???

Chee said...

i did! i could have easily made it myself, lol

Masud Rana said...

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