Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mario's Pasta Bar & Grill & "Indian Cuisine"

I was in Mississauga today so I decided to call up my best friend, who was nearby, to meet up for lunch. Since I didn't know the vicinity very well I asked her to choose a place. We ended up at Mario's Pasta Bar & Grill. That was the name I saw at first glance but then after upon closer inspection it actually had read "and Indian Cuisine" in very small lettering so almost kind of missed it. Never actually seen a restaurant name with pasta bar and Indian cuisine in the same line before so this should be interesting. Also the character on the banner was of a chef that looked like Mario from the game the Super Mario brothers so I thought it would have been more of an Italian cuisine. I stand corrected which you will see why later on.

My friend chose this place since she had a coupon where it was buy one entree get one free. Can't go wrong with the deal so gave it a shot. I was starving so anywhere would've been fine with me.

The place was a bit busy with the leftover lunch rush. Guess with the given location not much choices for workers nearby to dine so they settle for this mediocre bar & grill.

I browsed through the menu and I noticed for a place to be called a pasta bar they only offered a very limited amount of pasta dishes. There was only 4 pasta dishes to be exact. Also I definitely did not see any Indian dishes on the menu as well. Maybe it was a separate menu that you would have to request for I'm not sure but don't dare venture to ask since the main menu itself didn't look very promising.

I looked around to see what the other patrons have ordered. On all the tables I noticed it was either a burger or a wrap. Not one table did I see a plate of pasta. Pretty interesting since it was technically a pasta bar. We decided to follow suit and stick with the sandwiches since it appeared to be the safest item to order.

We ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich and chicken quesadilla both served with a side of split pea soup.

The soup was thick with bits and pieces of peas. It was actually quite yummy but got cold pretty quickly so had to gulp it down fast.

The BBQ chicken sandwich well as you can see wasn't much. Just lettuce, tomato, and 2 slices of chicken dabbed with some BBQ sauce. It was tolerable but could use some seasoning. I was starving at that time so could've ate anything. Even Burger King would have made my day.

The quesadilla was good but nothing great. I'm sure I could have created it better myself at home. It was filling at least so that was the only thing that mattered at the time.

Overall, it wasn't a hit but it wasn't completely intolerable. Coupled with the fact that there weren't too many options around I can see how it gets its customers.

The total, along with the coupon, came to around $12 for 2 entrees and 2 sides so I can't complain. I was hungry when I entered and I left with a full stomach. I just won't return again unless there's absolutely nothing else in the vicinity to eat at.



Maggie said...

hahaha agreed about your rating...altho it was $15 after tax&tip :P not sure if you include that when you post the tab hehe

Karen Ling said...

my totals only incl. tax since for tip everyone tips differently so didn't want to include that

yayyy so you get my rating system wasn't sure if others would get it hehe

Blogger said...

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