Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grodzinski Bakery

After stepping out of a bank, I was just looking at my bank slip checking the balance when my nose suddenly detected this intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread in the air. It was emanating somewhere in the plaza so I followed it like a bloodhound all the way to a place called Grodzinski Bakery.

I stood outside like a little kid peeking curiously through the doorway. My eyes widened with glee at the sight of all the baked goods from gingerbread cookies to bagels to flans to cakes. I also saw a huge line with people holding bags and bags of bread. Guess the bread is what reels the customers in. Well that's what brought me here.

So I walked in slowly still unsure of what to buy. It seems the bread is their specialty but question is which one to buy. There was a huge selection of bread from Challahs to bagels to rolls and buns. I didn't know what to choose so I saw an elder lady grabbing a bunch of bagels so I decided to follow suit and grab a couple for myself. I'm sure she knows what she is doing so couldn't be a bad choice. I also grabbed a chocolate croissant, a huge chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate chip looking pretzel and a gingerbread cookie in the shape of a flower . Yes there's a lot of chocolate going on here but hey haven't you heard the expression "chocolate is a girl's best friend" or maybe that was for diamonds. Well call me crazy I prefer chocolate over diamonds any day. I love my food.

The total came to around $6. Thought I would start small and try a few items before I make a big purchase. So far the croissant is really yummy. The cookie is humongous but good if you like the ones that crumble in your mouth. Can't wait to try the rest later.

Have to make another trip and try their apple galette as well as their cakes and pies!

It's amusing how I go to this bank every week yet never made the effort to see what else is in the neighborhood. I need to be more aware of my surroundings next time because you never know what hidden gems you will discover that's right close to home.

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Chee said...

Mmmm...I want to check this bakery place out next time I'm in your area for wings or kiwi =P What a weird

I love when people find their own local joints! Support the smaller businesses =)

Karen Ling said...

lol u want to eat my dog???

Chee said...

visit your dog...and you! lol pooor kiwi...what are you thinking? lol

magi said...

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