Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All Cheesed Out @ TGCCF

I love cheese but man was I cheesed out.

I got invited to attend the Great Canadian Cheese Festival (TGCCF) in Picton, Ontario. I have never even heard of Picton before. Then again, I never stray too far from the city unless my boyfriend takes me on some fishing trip. Believe me I have no clue where we go since we normally go in the middle of the night.

This was the first event which I'm sure will become an annual festivity. It was a hit.

Located in the heart of Prince Edward County at the Crystal Palace Fairground, it was a great place for cheese lovers as well as wine lovers to unite and well feast on Artisan cheese and drink some local Ontario wine. Who could say no to that?

I don't really know my cheeses nor wines but I really did enjoy sampling them all. All the cheeses that is. As for the alcohol, after a couple of glasses I was already buzzing:(

We were given 10 sampling tickets, a wineglass engraved with the festival's logo and a small cooler bag.

Off we went with our cameras and phones in hand taking pictures and pictures of everything in sight. I'm sorry I don't quite remember what was what so enjoy the pictures.

Here was the founder and the director of the event, George Kolesnikovos, aka the Cheese Man.

Here was smokey bacon pate from Leslieville Cheese Market. Forgot to pick this up but they have 2 locations in Toronto so at least I don't have to travel far to get them.

Cheese anyone?

How about this one?

Not cheesy enough? Then how about some blue cheese?

Think the cheese knife here looks pretty cool.

Scottish tablet taste like fudge. Sweet:)

Here was the classic Scottish shortbread from Sprucewood Homemade Cookie Co.

Here was wine soaked apple strudel with goat cheese from Queenies Bake Shop which is located in Port Hope. It was delicious.

Here's the wine used to marinate the apples.

Here was also their double dutch French chocolate cupcake with goat cheese frosting. The chocolate used was imported from France. No regular chocolate here.

Here was one of the beers I sampled, the loyalist lager beer.

Here was another drink that got me buzzed as well.

To view more pictures from TGCCF, click here.

I had a great time at the festival and Picton was a charming lil town.

I want to thank Vicky from Mom Who Runs for inviting me to such a "cheesy" event:) Make sure to check out her site. She is always on the run to exciting events, tweetups, and so much more.

Hope next year's event will be a blast as well.


VIVI G. L said...

looks like an amazing event :)! glad you had a good time

Eat Here Next said...

yea all cheesed out and buzzed lol wat else could i ask for:)

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