Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Here's a quick post.

My mother-in-law recommended SongCook's for some authentic Korean cuisine.

My boyfriend loved the food so much we returned again 2 days later.

Here was the food from our first trip.

Complimentary kimchi. Too vinegary for my taste buds.

Noodles with black sauce was delicious.

Seafood tofu soup was yummy but I think I like it better at Cho Sun Ok. Maybe because this soup was slightly too spicy for my palette.

I got the brown rice with beans and barley and this costed $3.50. I don't know what was so special about it since at other places the rice normally comes with the soup dishes. Personally, I prefer the purple rice at Mot Na Son and it didn't cost me extra since it came with my soup.

Here are pix from my second trip.

This is mulneangmyun (have no clue how to pronounce it) which is buckwheat noodles in cold clear broth. I like the one at Seoul House more because the beef flavor is much more prominent in the broth. Both are yummy but Seoul House still rocks it. Either way it's a perfect way to cool yourself on a hot humid day.

The kalbi was finger lickin good.

The dolsot bibimbap was tasty but the meat was too little. Luckily I had the beef short ribs to eat with this dish.


72 Steeles Ave. West, Unit 6
(south of Yonge)

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kiki's B.F.F said...

the black noodle and cold noodle looks super good =D
need to try this place out

The Food Junkie said...

What kiki said :)

Eat Here Next said...

yes both of you should def give it a shot...not too many places can make that cold noodles rite

SpatulaGeek said...

I love the cold noodles but the black bean sauce is too strong for me.

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