Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A new restaurant opened up by my workplace so me and a colleague decided to give it a try.

Matsu is suppose to be a fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisine. Being the greedy one that I am we went for the lunch buffet. Maybe we should have gone with the regular menu instead because the buffet was a disappointment.

Here was the unagi and avocado pizza. It was a huge pile of mess. I couldn't taste the eel but I definitely tasted the avocado but that's about it.

This pad Thai was bland, bland, BLAND!!! Nothing else to say but BLAND! Oh and peanuty.

Here was the Philadelphia and dynamite roll. I don't even remember how this tasted. It just wasn't memorable.

Here was the red curry beef wrap. It wasn't too bad but Khao San Road is still my absolute fave so far. I know you can't really compare the two since this is a buffet but I couldn't help myself. When I think of Thai food I think of Khao San Road.

Here was the coconut shrimp. It was crunchy and delightful. Finally something I don't mind reordering.

Here was the garlic beef. Another dish that was pleasant to eat. My coworker thought it was garlicky but I liked it.

Braydon chose the fish here. The only thing I remember was the salmon since well look at it, that's all you see. Guess he really loves his salmon. It was actually decent. After the first few dishes I was questioning about the sashimi but it ended up exceeding my expectation. It wasn't out of this world but definitely pretty good considering it was a buffet.

Here were the Thai fish cakes. It was horrendous. Very mushy and just unappetizing.

Salmon roll was ok.

I should've learned my lesson from the previous fish cakes but nope I had to try the shrimp fish cakes. Again, it was not edible. Sorry Bray for ordering the fish cakes twice:(

I think this was the spicy tuna roll. When it arrived I had no clue what this was nor did I wanna touch it. Look at it. Does it look yummy? Of course not. This tasted exactly the way it looked. Just gross.

Here was the grilled enoki mushroom wrapped in beef roll. Edible but not fantastic.

Grilled sweet potato. Not much to say here it's just sweet potato. I ordered it since I like sweet potato.

The service needs some work. I think they opened too quickly so the staff wasn't well trained. We ordered ice cream from 2 different servers but it never came. Our bill took forever to come. The entire time I was there my water was never refilled at all. Also the food definitely needs some work. Or maybe because it's a buffet so the quality isn't really that great. Or maybe they couldn't keep up so just slapped together anything without thinking about the actual taste of the food.

When I left I was thinking that I would never return BUT since it's close to work I think I may be returning again after all. Maybe next time I will try ordering from the regular menu.

TOTAL BILL $15 per person...MAY EAT AGAIN?!

865 York Mills Road, Unit 9
(b/n Leslie & Don Mills)

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SpatulaGeek said...

I used to work at Rogers up by York Mills. If I knew you back then I would have called you for lunch sometime! :(

How busy was it?

They are so close to Tako and Gonoe Sushi! Those places don't have much to worry if Matsu doesn't improve. Isn't Dragon Pearl even closer?

That pizza is a mess and the pad thai even looks bland! The spicy tuna looks like the unagi mess from another post.

It's sad to say this but I don't think they will survive if they don't fix alot of things.

Anonymous said...

Well the company was way better than the food...and that's what matters in the end!

Mary said...

I don't know if it's the lighting of the picture, but that salmon sashimi looks delish! haha.. I guess looks can be deceiving..

and for 15 dollars this doesn't look too bad! I guess you really have to lower your standards when you're having AYCE. said...

"Does it look yummy? Of course not. This tasted exactly the way it looked. Just gross." <-- Haha, you're hilarious girl :D Don't ever go to AYCE again!! Did you not read my Inatei post? Haha.. jk. You commented on it twice.

Eat Here Next said...

@spatula it was busy then again not much choices in the area anyways...dragon pearl sucks:P i like tako & gonoe better

@anonymous...yes bray u wur great company thx for tryin it out wit me:)

@mary lol the salmon sashimi wasnt bad considering it was a buffet besides thats where u get ur money's worth anyways:)

@amy lol i say wat i think i can't sugarcoat things..cant help that im too blunt at times...thank god wur not in Taiwan otherwise i wud be given the death penalty lol...hahaha i cant help going to ayce i just luv variety and it's ALL YOU CAN EAT lol

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