Thursday, June 16, 2011

Capriccio Cafe

I want dessert and I got me some desserts:)

I was craving for some sort of cake so decided to try out Capriccio Cafe. I've only been here once and all I grabbed was a bag of caramel popcorn. I know what was I thinking when there was a whole array of decadent cakes and other goodies on display. Well what can I say I eat whatever I feel for at that moment. Not that the caramel popcorn was really special or anything. I just walked in and saw popcorn so decided I want to eat that instead. Yea I'm weird like that.

Any hoot. Capriccio is a really cute space. When you walk in you can see the variety of sweet confections available. Once you pick out your delight there's a seating area which looks like a lil girls tea party room with white chairs and tables and some splashes of color here and there of merchandise.

I spotted this cup on my way out think I might return and buy it. It's so cute.

These salt & pepper shakers also caught my eye as well.

Most of the desserts are supplied by Dufflet. I love Dufflet. The only problem was choosing the cake. My boyfriend wanted something that was coffee flavored so he chose the following two.

Here was the cappuccino cheesecake. He swallowed the whole thing in less than 3 bites. It was that good. I was lucky I was even able to steal a bite and you know what it was really good.

This was the cappuccino dacquoise mini with discs of hazelnut meringue layered with rich coffee buttercream finished with a dark chocolate glaze. Absolutely heavenly.

Here was my cake, the passion fruit milk chocolate mini. A dome of light chocolate cake surrounds delicate milk chocolate mousse with a center of passion fruit mousse finished with a white glaze and yellow flower. Before I even read the description I was already sold by the appearance of it. Isn't it just adorable or what? Of course the cuteness did not stop me from biting into it.

Look at the yummy goodness inside. Felt like I was floating on a cloud of passion fruit. So so delicious.

These desserts definitely satisfied my sweet tooth for the night. My boyfriend was also happy as well and he rarely eat sweets. It's once a blue moon for him so if he enjoyed it then it must be really good.


5379 Yonge Street
(south of Finch)

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4 comments: said...

Sooo cute!! I want them ALL!!! :)


my friend works here! :D

Eat Here Next said...

lol Amy ur the queen of pastries i'm surprised u havent tried them yet oh wait cause they're not from bamboche or nadege hehe

wat??? lucky you Carmen so u can go there anytime for a sweet fix


yeah so true! haha

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