Sunday, June 26, 2011

Evergreen Brick Works

To market, to market.

This was my first time to Evergreen Brick Works.

I have to say the park behind the building was beautiful. I really enjoyed the green scenery. Perfect spot to walk around or just read a book.

As for the farmers' market, it was quite big. What surprised me most though was the amount of people walking their dogs in the market. Unlike my rugrats, most of these dogs were pretty well trained. I didn't see any dog do their business in here nor try to sniff at all the yummy food lying around.

There was this aroma in the air which smelled like roasted nuts but it was actually coffee beans from Merchants of Green Coffee. Here was the guy creating that wonderful roasted coffee smell. I'm not much of a coffee person so I didn't buy any to drink but I sure enjoyed the smell of it.

My first snack was this chicken on a flatbread with sauteed onions ($5). It was yummy.

I was excited when I saw Buddha Dog since I had a great experience at their location in Picton. Unfortunately, they did not have any hot dogs available instead they were serving corn dogs. What a huge disappointment.

As you can see here my first impression was "That's it?". This costed $3. At CNE I can get a bigger corn dog for the same price and it's much more yummier. This was very bland even with their special homemade sauces. Also I pulled a very long piece of casing out of my mouth. They couldn't even remove the casing when they made this. Huge no-no there.

Next I bought some pastries from Pimenton.

Here were zucchini and eggplant empanadas ($3.50 each). It was delicious.

Here were chicken and serrano ham croquetas ($2 each).

Here were vegetarian phyllo ($2 each) and arancini which had risotto, porcini mushrooms and blue cheese ($2 each). The phyllo pastry was tasty however, the arancini was cold so the risotto wasn't appetizing. Also it lacked seasoning so it was more on the bland side.

Final stop was The Canadian Pie Company.

I bought 5 pies at $6 each.

My fave out of the bunch was the black forest ham and swiss cheese. At home, I reheated the pie for about 5-10 minutes so it's crispy on the outside. The pastry was flaky and buttery. It was tasty and the filling was a hearty portion.

Take a look at the sirloin steak pie. They definitely did not skimp out on the meat.

There were a lot of other vendors as well so be sure to check out the Brick Works and if you're full from all the tasty treats then take a stroll around in the beautiful park.

To view more pictures click here.

550 Bayview Ave.
(north of Bloor)
opened 8am to 1pm


SpatulaGeek said...

I love Canadian Pie Company! Their bumbleberry was just the right sweet/tart balance and the pastry was light and fluffy. Must try the sirloin next! The chicken and the croquetas looks yummy. Isn't it easier to grill something than frying? Was Buddhadog trying something new?

It is so close to my house but it is not accessible by ttc. They had a free food photography course a few weeks back. Really wanted to go and attend that!

kiki's B.F.F said...

the coffee looks so cool roasting like this.... now I def have to go =P

Eat Here Next said...

@spatula next time im gonna go to the actual store and try their fruit pies instead

ooo free food photography course that's they still offer it?

@kiki lol all i can say is the coffee smelled goooood:)

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