Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ultimate Laffananza Challenge

Ok the title is deceiving since I did not take this challenge at all. I love to eat but c'mon there's no way my stomach can handle that.

My boyfriend took me to Best Grill for dinner one night. Upon entering, this is what caught my eye. A gallery of all the contenders who took the Ultimate Laffananza Challenge. Actually it was the wall of shame, where food conquered man.

The challenge involved eating a 2ft. by 5in. shawarma along with fries and coke. Also the catch is it has to be all consumed in 30 minutes. If it's completed the food is free and if it's not then you have to pay for it and have your picture posted on the wall of shame. Can you handle this challenge? I sure can't.

Now back to my review.

Best Grill is a small little joint which is pretty easy to drive by. If it wasn't for my boyfriend I wouldn't have even noticed the place at all.

While waiting for our food, this pink salt caught my eye. It's from Jamie Oliver's line and it's called pink himalayan salt. I sprinkled a bit on my meat and it added a little something something to it which was interesting. Then again I wasn't too pleased with my dish so this was the exact seasoning I needed. More on that later.

Here was my boyfriend's garden salad. Isn't it colorful looking?

This was my caesar salad. So boring looking compared to the previous salad. Also wth where's my bacon bits? It's not a caesar salad unless you have the bacon. Very disappointed but then again not all places put bacon in their salad which I think is a crime. It should be mandatory.

My boyfriend ordered his usual which was the chicken kabobs with a side of veggies. It was moist and very flavorful.

I had the beef kabobs which ended up being very chewy. It was a workout in my mouth so I had to tell the waitress and she offered to have it reheated. I was confused. I asked her if you reheat it won't it be even more chewier? She replied back no it should be more tender. I'm sorry I may not be a cook but I'm pretty sure if you reheat the meat it will just be more tougher to eat. When the plate returned I was right. It was much more difficult to eat and I just gave up.

When it comes to beef kabobs I rather go to Bamiyan Kabob. From now on I will stick with chicken so that I don't end up wasting food. The chicken here was great but the beef was just way overcooked. Also it lacked a bit of seasoning which was where Jamie Oliver came to the rescue with his pink himalayan salt.


Best Grill
2215 Steeles Ave. West, Unit #2
(west of Dufferin)

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